This Week In Gaming

July 28, 2017


Roblox Developers Get Rich – For those who are unfamiliar, Roblox is a free-to-play mix of Minecraft and Lego, and has become incredibly popular. With their active user count jumping to 56 million recently, some of the game’s top developers …

July 28, 2017


Roblox Developers Get Rich

For those who are unfamiliar, Roblox is a free-to-play mix of Minecraft and Lego, and has become incredibly popular. With their active user count jumping to 56 million recently, some of the game’s top developers …

August 4, 2017


Guild Wars 2 Expansion

Five years after its initial launch, Guild Wars 2 has announced its newest expansion will be coming in September. The main additions to the game include five massive new zones for players to explore, as well …

August 11, 2017


Spelunky creator to release 50 games

Some indie developers follow up their game with a sequel, others release fifty titles instead. Derek Yu, creator of the hit indie title Spelunky, has announced that his next title is a collection …

August 18, 2017


Crackdown 3 Delayed

Crackdown 3 has once again been delayed, this time to early 2018. For those who don’t know, Crackdown is an open world, third-person shooter, published by Microsoft that boasts having a completely destructible environment.

Planet of the

September 7, 2017


Rockstar Announces LA Noir Remaster
LA Noire was Rockstar’s hard-boiled detective game set in 1940s Los Angeles that released just over six years ago now. Today they announced a VR version coming to Vive, 4K remasters for Xbox One and …

September 22, 2017


Game Releases This Week

Divinity: Original Sin 2  [PC]– A top-down RPG clearly inspired by Dungeons and Dragons where every choice matters. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive so far.
Pokken Tournament DX  [Switch] – A Pokémon fighting game,
September 29, 2017


Battlefront 2 Listened to Fans
Earlier this week, Star Wars Battlefront 2 released a trailer highlighting all of the ways it was different from its predecessor, and in the process also demonstrating how the devs listened to criticism. The trailer, …

October 13, 2017


CEO and President of Riot Shift Roles

CEO, Brandon Beck and President, Marc Merrill of Riot Games announced in a blog post that they will be stepping down from their respective leadership roles to work on a new project. The …

October 20, 2017


Visceral Studios Shut Down

Earlier this week, Executive Vice President of Electronic Arts, Patrick Söderlund announced that Visceral Studios would be closing, and the development of their action-adventure game set in the Star Wars universe would be moving to EA

October 30, 2017


Microsoft Stops Kinect Production

After its seven year run, Microsoft has officially stopped production on its motion gaming device, Kinect. Throughout the years Microsoft has slowly been de-emphasizing Kinect by no longer including it in console bundles to reduce price …

November 3, 2017


EA Changes Star Wars Battlefront 2 Loot Boxes

Following negative feedback in the Star Wars Battlefront 2 beta about the loot box system, EA has made several changes. The main complaint during the beta was players saying that the loot-box …

November 10, 2017


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Announced

Following the development of their incredibly successful augmented reality mobile game, Niantic Labs has announced officially that their next title will be Harry Potter: Wizards Unite(HWPU). Details on the game so far are scarce, but …

November 17, 2017


EA Battlefront Release Recap

It’s been a week of changes in regard to EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 with angry players taking to the internet to combat the game’s monetization tactics. For those who haven’t been following, here’s a quick …

November 24, 2017


Rainbow Six Siege Releases Operation White Noise

Rainbow Six Siege has detailed their final expansion for the Year 2 collection in the form of Operation White Noise. Players will be getting access to three new operators in the form of …

December 1, 2017


Animal Crossing Passes 15 Million Downloads

Nintendo’s newest mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a hit, reaching over 15 million downloads in under a week after releasing. This makes the game the second most successful launch for Nintendo, just …

December 8, 2017


Star Wars Battlefront 2 The Last Jedi Season 

Despite setbacks regarding the game’s progression system and microtransactions, Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be receiving a free content update to coincide with the release of The Last Jedi. Players will be …

December 15, 2017


Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event Begins

Tis the season for seasonal events, and as with last year, Overwatch is bringing back its Winter Wonderland, with a few new changes. First off, there’s a new brawl mode coming to the arcade in …

January 5, 2018


Sumo Digital Acquires CCP New Castle

CCP’s New Castle branch, known for working on Eve Online, and Eve: Valkyrie has been acquired by Sumo Digital, the studio currently working on Crackdown 3 and Dead Island 2. So far there …

January 12, 2018


Mad Catz Back With New Gear

After filing for bankruptcy in March of last year, the future of off-brand gaming peripheral company, Mad Catz was uncertain. Now, they’ve announcced a new line of gaming peripherals aimed specifically at the PC …

January 19, 2018


Nintendo Labo Announced

On Wednesday, Nintendo held its second direct in two weeks, announcing a new set of add-ons for the Switch called Nintendo Labo. These add-ons come in the form of small construction sets, made mostly from cardboard, that …

January 26, 2018


Microsoft Expands Games Pass Program

When Games Pass launched in June of last year, it consisted of mostly older titles or games that had been previously featured as free in the Games-With-Gold program. Earlier this week, Microsoft made a big …

February 2, 2018


Red Dead Redemption Delayed to October

Rockstar’s next title, Red Dead Redemption 2, now has an official release date of October 26th, 2018. This is a delay from the initially expected Spring 2018 release date. Rockstar apologized to fans …

February 9, 2018


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Come to Injustice

Later this month, Injustice 2 will be releasing its latest expansion pack, bringing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the game. Each of the turtles will be playable with their own unique move-set …

February 16, 2018


Rainbow Six Siege Reveals New Operators

Ubisoft has released a short trailer showcasing the two operators coming in the game’s newest expansion, Operation Chimera. The trailer does not reveal much about the operator’s abilities, other than they deal with chemical …

February 23, 2018


Free Update for Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey received an update earlier this week enabling the game’s new balloon-based modes. After downloading the update, Luigi will pop up in the game’s worlds with balloon stands where players can start …

March 2, 2018


Overwatch Details New Hero

Earlier this week, Overwatch announced the 27th hero to enter their roster in the form of the support/tank hybrid, Brigitte. Her kit focuses on melee attacks, healing allies, and a mix of stunning/knocking back enemies. For …

March 9, 2018


Far Cry 5 Arcade Announced

Developers at Ubisoft announced a new game-mode coming to Far Cry 5 earlier this week in the form of Arcade. In this mode, players will have access to solo/co-op adventures and PvP maps created by …

March 16, 2018


Fortnite Battle Royale on Mobile

On Monday, Fortnite Battle Royale released in an invite event on iOS. The Fortnite Team confirmed that Android would also get a mobile version in the coming months, including (opt-in) cross play between the PC, …

March 23, 2018


Battlefront 2 Unlocks All Heroes, Adds Loot Crates

Star Wars Battlefront 2 made news last year when fans were upset by what they saw as unfair prices for microtransaction content, which resulted in Battlefront 2‘s publisher Electronic Arts (EA) …

March 30, 2018


Blizzard Announces Selection For Overwatch World Cup

Blizzard has announced its selection criteria for their Overwatch World Cup in 2018. Countries will need to fall in the top 20 countries by average rating of their top 150 players to participate. …

April 6, 2018


LawBreakers Support Pulled, Citing Lack Of Players

Boss Key Studios announced Thursday that they are cutting future support for their FPS title LawBreakers. LawBreakers was created by Cliff Bleszinski, creator of such titles as Jazz Jackrabbit, Unreal, and Gears of

April 13, 2018


Boss Key Productions Announces Battle Royale Game Radical Heights
Boss Key, who recently announced they were stopping development on LawBreakers, announced and released their latest game, an entry into the competitive Battle Royale market. Named Radical Heights, the …

April 20, 2018


Alexa to Help Players with COD: WWII

This week Activision rolled out a Beta of an Alexa skill that will help players with Call of Duty: WWII. The skill uses machine learning and natural language processing to analyze a player’s …

April 27, 2018


Unauthorized Halo Mod Told To ‘Pause’ By Microsoft

Developers of a fan-made mod for the unreleased Halo Online game were contacted by Microsoft and asked to ‘pause’ in their development this week. The mod, ElDewrito, allowed players to play the …

May 4, 2018


Stardew Valley Multiplayer Patch Now in Beta

ConcernedApe, developer of the indie hit Stardew Valley has released a public beta of the long-awaited multiplayer patch for said game. The multiplayer patch, patch 1.3, has been anxiously awaited by fans for …

May 11, 2018


Infinity Gauntlet Mode Brings Thanos To Fortnite

The biggest gaming news this week has been Thanos’ addition to Fortnite. Epic Games’  already popular free to play battle royal game teamed up with Marvel Studios to bring Thanos, villain of Avengers: …

May 18, 2018


Black Ops 4 Details Emerge

The big news this week surrounds Call of Duty: Back Ops 4, the latest in Treyarch’s series for publisher Activision. Previously there have been rumors that Black Ops 4 would not have a single-layer mode …

May 25, 2018


Battlefield 5 Returns to WWII

In a move sure to excite longtime fans of the series, Battlefield 5 will return to the franchise’s roots, with DICE’s latest entry returning to WWII to relive the glory days of the franchise. Details …

June 1, 2018


Roblox is following in Minecraft’s shoes and launching it’s own Education initiative, the company released this week. Roblox is one of the many simple graphics crafting games released in the wake of Minecraft’s success, catering heavily
June 8, 2018


Developer and publisher Valve announced this week their latest policy for content curation in the wake of a game about school shootings being released on  their platform. The content sales and delivery platform announced they
June 15, 2018


Netflix announced this week that it’s next foray into gaming will be with Minecraft: Story Mode by Telltale Games. Minecraft experimented with “choose your own adventure” style gaming earlier this year with a game
June 22, 2018


Burnout Developer Announces Two New Games

Three Fields Entertainment, led by two former Criterion founders, announced two new racing games. The first is a sequel, Danger Zone 2, arriving in July. Set on freeways across the world, players will race …

June 29, 2018


Overwatch Introduced the Endorsement System

Blizzard’s latest Overwatch patch, released June 26th, introduced an Endorsement system that enables players to acknowledge other players for having a positive impact on their gaming experience.  The Endorsement system is user generated feedback …

July 6, 2018


Xbox One Fast Start July Update

The Xbox One system July update cuts the wait time in half by enabling players to start playing once essential files have been downloaded and less essential files required for the full game download …

July 13, 2018


Pokémon: Game Release, Plush Toys and Controllers

Nintendo released a trailer for Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! well ahead of the the November 16th release date.  While fans will not be able to purchase the …

July 20, 2018


Blizzard Releases Hotfixes for Troublesome WoW Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.0

Blizzard has released several hotfixes for the World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth patch 8.0 that was released earlier this week.  The 8.0 pre-patch for World of Warcraft was …

July 27, 2018


Record Number of Valve Accounts Banned

 Last week the Valve Anti-Cheat System banned nearly 100,000 accounts on Steam.  A record setting number.

It is unclear what spurred this high level of enforcement action, but there is speculation that a revolt …

August 3, 2018


$1 Million Dollars Awarded to First Overwatch League Champions

The London Spitfire became the first ever Overwatch League champions by dominating the Philadelphia Fusion last Friday and Saturday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.  In addition to the championship trophy, …

August 10, 2018


5 Highlights of the New FIX PUBG Initiative

PUBG is getting a major overhaul to help reinvigorate the game.  Bugs, performance problems, and quality-of-life issues have been limiting PUBG’s true potential.  The initiative targeted five major categories for improvement:  Fewer …

August 17, 2018


Diablo 3 is Officially Coming to Nintendo Switch

Breaking a 15 year hiatus from releasing games on a Nintendo console, Blizzard Entertainment officially confirmed today that Diablo 3: Eternal Collection is coming to the Switch Nintendo console later this year. …

August 24, 2018


The Largest Purse Prize in Esports

 The prize pool for Dota 2’s International tournament has surpassed last year’s $24.7 million pool, remaining the largest pool prize in esports.  This is the sixth year in a row that Dota 2’s community …

August 31, 2018


Active Shooter at Madden Tournament Killed Two Gamers and Himself in Florida

A competitor in a Madden NFL 19 tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, opened fire during the event on Sunday afternoon, killing two people before taking his own life.  In …

September 7, 2018


Spider-Man on PS4 Remixes Comic Book Lore for a Fresh Superhero Story

This week Marvel released Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4.  Reviews have been generally positive with a Metacritic Metascore of 87 and a User Score of 8.4.  Developer Insomniac …

September 14, 2018


The Nintendo Switch Online Service is Launching on September 18th

Nintendo’s new Switch online service is launching on September 18th.  Users will be able to download a seven-day trial from the Switch store before committing to a …

September 21, 2018


Red Dead Redemption 2’s Online Mode is Coming in November

Red Dead Redemption 2 is scheduled to be released next month and will feature a robust single-player mode. However, until this week little was known about when the much-anticipated online

September 28, 2018


Fortnight Cross-play on PS4 ushers in a new era of the console wars

Console players everywhere are celebrating the news that Sony will soon allow players to link up with people on Xbox, Switch, and mobile platforms.
This functionality has …

October 5, 2018


Blizzard Co-founder Mike Morhaime Stepping Down After 27 Years

Mike Morhaime, co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment and the studio’s longtime president, has stepped down from his position effective immediately. While Morhaime will stay on as a strategic adviser, World of Warcraft …

October 12, 2018


Why Bullet Penetration is Important in Battlefield 5

“Destruction – big and small – is a Battlefield specialty,” says DICE; “and this goes for cover, too, be it wooden doors, concrete walls, fences, vegetation, or the new Fortifications. But how …

October 19, 2018


‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ Focuses on Multiplayer Action

Black Ops 4 ditched the single player campaign that has been a hallmark of the series. Instead, the game focuses entirely on multiplayer action, including a mode called “Blackout,” which …

October 26, 2018


eSports Sector Receives Major Investments: Nike Signs its First eSport Ambassador and Investments Made by Drake and Michael Jordan 

For the first time ever, sportswear company Nike signed its first esports ambassador, a 21-year-old League of …

November 2, 2018


Red Dead Redemption 2 Players Find Cursed Road that Always Sets Horses on Fire

In Red Dead Redemption 2, there’s a specific patch of land that has invisible fire on it. The AI characters have no idea it’s there, and …

November 9, 2018


Blizzcon’s Announcements Overshadowed by Diablo: Immortal Mobile Only Fan Backlash

The announcement of Diablo: Immortal disappointed fans who represent a primarily PC player base, love the lore, and enjoy the immersive experience of high-quality graphics. Players also expressed concerns over

November 16, 2018


Fortnite’s Frantic Food Fight is Its Best Mode Yet 

On November 15, a new LTM team battle mode debut on Fortnite called food fight. Leveraging the game’s fiction and the dislike between …

November 21, 2018


Fortnite’s $1 Million Winter Tournament is Open to Everyone 

On November 20th, developer Epic announced its “Winter Royale” competition, an open tournament with a $1 million prize pool that will start later this month. It’s an expansion of …

November 30, 2018


Nintendo’s New Content Guidelines Make It Easier for YouTube Creators To Get Paid

Just ahead of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate launch, Nintendo is lifting some of its restrictions over how YouTube creators can monetize gameplay and livestream content with a …

December 7, 2018


What Reviewers Are Saying About the New Videogame Battlefield 5

One consistent theme for reviewers of Battlefield 5 was that the game was not quite ready for prime time.  Particular problematic areas noted included a sometimes-buggy medical system and some …

December 14, 2018


The Game Awards 2018 

With over 26 million people streaming The Game Awards, the awards also has become an event with reveals.  Such reveals include Smash Bros Ultimate will gain Persona 5’s Protagonist, Mortal Kombat 11 announced, and …

December 21, 2018


Valve’s Artifact Gets Surprise First Patch, with More to Come

Artifact, Valve’s Dota-based card game, has finally received its first balance patch. Players will now be able to level up, earning tickets and card packs as they go along. But …

December 28, 2018


Sims Creator Will Wright Teaches Game Design Via MasterClass

Famed game developer Will Wright is teaching a massive class on games – via MasterClass. In his class, Wright covers a slew of game design topics, like generating new concepts, creating …

January 4, 2019


Ex-Hearthstone Developers Open a New Studio and Get the Marvel License for Their First Game  

Second Dinner is a team that’s made up of ex-Blizzard employees, all of whom worked on Hearthstone — including Hearthstone’s former director Ben Brode. They’re …

January 11, 2019


Bungie Splits with Activision and Takes Over Destiny Publishing

In an abrupt announcement with long-lasting ramifications, Bungie and Activision have announced that the two companies have split, with Bungie retaining ownership of the Destiny IP and full publishing rights to …

January 18, 2019


New Overwatch Skins Coming with Lunar New Year 2019 Event 

Overwatch is once again ringing in the new lunar calendar with an in-game event. This time it’s the Year of the Pig, and as usual we can expect …

January 25, 2019


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Will Alter DLC Scenes and Dialogue After All 

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s “Shadow Heritage” expansion will get changes to its story and cinematics after all, following a controversy in which the protagonist character was hard-wired into a …

February 1, 2019


Metro Exodus Leaves Steam for an Exclusive One Year Availability in Epic Store

Metro Exodus by THQ will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for the first year of its availability, and will then come back to Steam and other …

February 8, 2019


Apex Legends Hits One Million Players in Less Than a Day

EA and Respawn revealed Apex Legends, a free-to-play squad-based battle royale of teams of three set in the Titanfall universe.   Although there wasn’t much time to build hype …

February 15, 2019


Sony Explains Why It Will Be Skipping E3 This Year 

When Sony announced it would be skipping E3 2019, the industry took note because Sony hadn’t missed a single E3 in the conference’s 24-year history.  Sony’s Shawn Layden (SIE Worldwide …

February 22, 2019


Google Unveiling Their Gaming Plans Next Month at Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) 

The Google announcement is taking place in San Francisco during the beginning of the Game Developer’s Conference, a gathering of game developers from around the world. It is …

March 1, 2019


Overkill’s The Walking Dead Failed to Meet Quality Standards, Contract with Rights Owner Terminated 

A new Walking Dead game from Payday developer Starbreeze Studios, Overkill’s The Walking Dead, released back in November was a major disappointment. Now, Walking Dead

March 8, 2019


EA and BioWare Announced an Upcoming Patch for Anthem Crashing PS4s 

BioWare says it has identified the issues in Anthem that were causing players’ PlayStation 4 systems to crash and anticipates issuing a patch by March 12. Based on in-store

March 15, 2019


Jade Raymond Joins Google, Seemingly as the Vice President of its Gaming Initiative

Jade Raymond is starting a new chapter of her career, and she’s doing it alongside one of the new major players in the gaming space. Raymond has

March 22, 2019


Google Stadia is the New Streaming Gaming Platform from Google

Google announced Stadia, a new cloud-based gaming platform, at its GDC 2019 keynote Tuesday morning. It’s a major move for Google into the video game business, which is increasingly building

March 29, 2019


Bethesda Confirms a Bunch of Games are Coming to Steam, including Rage 2 and Fallout 76 

As large publishers like Ubisoft declare their allegiance for the Epic Games Store, others like Bethesda have announced they’re sticking

April 5, 2019


Bungie Confirms that Destiny’s PvP Mode is Here to Stay

After a speculative piece from Forbes, and key departures from the development team at Bungie, there was player concern that the studio might leave the Crucible behind in the next …

April 12, 2019


Overwatch Storm Rising Runs from April 16 to May 6

The Overwatch Archives event included a trailer video which released the first glimpses of the new Havana map and Talon council member Maximilien. Overwatch Storm Rising will be the third …

April 19, 2019


Water walking coming to World of Warcraft mounts in 8.2: Rise of Azshara

Blizzard revealed its plans for WoW’s 8.2 patch in a new stream. Most notable are the in-depth breakdown of the new Heart of Azeroth system and changes …

April 26, 2019


Overwatch Workshop will let players to script custom modes, heroes – Polygon
In a developer update posted Wednesday, game director Jeff Kaplan shared details on the upcoming Workshop mode. Kaplan describes the Workshop as a “scripting mode that will allow …

May 10, 2019


Epic just bought the Rocket League studio, here’s what it means for the Steam version
Epic announced its purchase of Rocket League creator, Psyonix. The game will continue to receive the same updates as the Epic Games version for existing …

May 10, 2019


Important World of Warcraft character returns in patch 8.2
In the most recent update to the public test realm, World of Warcraft is bringing in Thrall, an old character the players have not seen since 2016. Thrall was a key …

May 17, 2019


Red Dead Online out of Beta
Rockstar launched a substantial update for Red Dead Online, new content in this patch includes poker tables, ponchos, a new revolver, some new missions and changes to the player aggression system, officially taking the …

May 24, 2019


Overwatch Anniversary 2019
Overwatch’s anniversary event for Summer 2019 will be running from May 21-June 11. This year’s event comes with three new sprays, eleven skins and access to many previous arcade modes and cosmetics of earlier events. Heroes who …

May 31, 2019


EA reveals the streaming schedule for EA Play 2019
EA has announced they will be hosting a stream on June 8th, running for three hours staring at 12:15 pm ET/9:15 am PT, to show off six games. This year’s lineup …

June 11, 2019


Fortnite World Cup delayed
The Fortnite World Cup qualifiers have only two weeks left before the competition kicks off, one for solo players and one for duos. Many members of the duo teams, however, have been put into an unfortunate …

June 14, 2019


Cyberpunk 2077 release announced

CD Projekt Red’s next big game, Cyberpunk 2077 had two big reveals at E3 this year: release date and the inclusion of Keanu Reeves. Cyberpunk will launch on April 16th, 2020, finally giving fans a date …

June 21, 2019


Bungie overhauls Destiny 2’s Eververse store
Bungie announces an overhaul for Destiny 2’s cosmetic Eververse store before the Armor 2.0 system to launch with Shadowkeep, Destiny 2’s newest expansion.  The new Eververse store will no longer sell armor with independent …

June 28, 2019


Big Fish announces new Toy Story mobile game
Big Fish Games Inc. announced the worldwide release of Toy Story Drop!, a new casual mobile game, taking place in the Toy Story Universe. Players help iconic characters from the Toy Story …

July 5, 2019


Rainbow Six Siege, a Western
Rainbow Six Siege is a modern, team-based FPS with an arsenal of weapons and gadgets at the player’s disposal; Siege’s new event, however, brings to the game a Western Showdown. In this 3v3 event, running …

July 12, 2019


Amazon is developing a Lord of the Rings MMO
Amazon has announced its new partnership with Leyou on a new Lord of the Rings free-to-play MMO game. According to Athlon, the game’s leading developers, the new LoTR MMO will take …

July 19, 2019


Borderlands 3 Cross-play not available at launch
Borderlands 3 will not support cross-play between platforms at launch, but developer Gearbox is “committed” to bring it about at a later date. Gearbox clarified this after a promotional teaser which made some …

July 26, 2019


Overwatch’s new scientist hero can control black holes – The Verge
Overwatch’s 31st hero is a Dutch astrophysicist known as Sigma. Blizzard revealed this new hero in an animated short, where we learn he gained his powers through a traumatic …

August 2, 2019


Original Doom Trilogy coming back
The original doom trilogy; Doom, Doom 2, and Doom 3 has arrived for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and mobile devices. Doom has been available for some time on various platforms, but now the three installments …

August 9, 2019


ESA to begin new loot box policies – Polygon
Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have come together to announce they will be implementing a new system for loot boxes in video games. Due to discussions involving the U.S Federal Trade, the …

August 16, 2019


No Man’s Sky next update brings large multiplayer and survival aspects – PC Gamer
No Man’s Sky Beyond, the next big update for No Man’s Sky, has teased many new features for players. One of them is a new social …

August 23, 2019


Sony acquires Insomniac Games – Polygon
Sony is buying Insomniac Games; this purchase marks the end of Insomniac’s development of PlayStation exclusives, which results in a broader audience for their games. Insomniac is also the first new game development studio …

August 30, 2019


Telltale Games getting revived – Polygon
Telltale Games, shut down in 2018, created a lack of heavily story-driven games on the market. A year later LCG Entertainment purchased many of the rights from Telltale. Reviving Telltale is a result of …

September 6, 2019


Hearthstone’s next solo-adventure to launch September 17 – Polygon
Hearthstone’s, Saviors of Uldum, has already introduced new cards and mechanics to the game as well as a new solo campaign “Tombs of Terror,” to release on September 17. This next …

September 13, 2019


Why a backpack is causing fan outrage – Polygon
Character differentiation, using appearance, is highly prized among WoW players. WoW rewards players with a much coveted-for appearance differentiation item, in this case, a backpack, but only after the player has …

September 20, 2019


Fornite to host Batman event – Polygon
Data mined from a set of six images, originating from Fortnite files, is pointing to Batman-themed content coming to Fortnite. The images show Batman’s cape as a cosmetic item and a new glider, …

September 27, 2019


Word of Warcraft ends its most controversial storyline – Polygon
Battle for Azeroth has been World of Warcraft’s most ambitious story yet, with patch 8.2.5 bringing the climax of the expansion’s conflict. Unfortunately, for all of the beauty involved with …

October 4, 2019


Genji and Symmetra have new skins for Blizzcon – Polygon
Each year Blizzard gives away in-game goodies to players who buy BlizzCon tickets, generally one to three items per main title. This year’s items for Overwatch include two new legendary …

October 11, 2019


PS5 announcements – GameSpot
Sony has officially announced their next generation of the console: PlayStation 5; to be released around Holiday 2020. Numerous innovations have already been announced for the PlayStation 5. Of note is a new system for vibration …

October 18, 2019


League of Legends coming to console and mobile – GameSpot
Riot games announced that League of Legends is coming to console and mobile platforms in 2020 under the title “League of Legends: Wild Rift.” This new version will feature 5V5
October 25, 2019


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare release schedule – GameSpot
Activision posted an outline to their new Call of Duty’s release times. This post, however, only concerns PC releases, and Activision stated console players should refer to their systems dashboard for

November 1, 2019


Apex Legends launches Duos mode – The Verge

Starting November 5th, Apex Legends is getting a limited-time duos game mode. Fans have been asking for this mode for months, and if previous event type game modes are any indication, developer …

November 8, 2019


Overwatch 2- The Verge
Three years after its release, Blizzard announces their team shooter, Overwatch, will be getting a sequel. This announcement came rather unexpectedly from an on-stage announcement during BlizzCon 2019. Overwatch 2 seems to focus on a cooperative …

November 15, 2019


Hearthstone Battlegrounds brings auto-battles to the card game – GameSpot
Hearthstone has been steadily receiving updates for a long time now, but at this point, much of the new content caters towards the existing player base. The latest update, Hearthstone …

November 22, 2019


Rainbow Six Siege Money Heist event – GameSpot
This weekend brings two significant events for Rainbow Six Siege: another free to play window and a new gameplay event, a tie-in for the Netflix series Money Heist. The gameplay event adds …

November 29, 2019


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare announces first season, teasing a Battle Pass – Polygon
December 3rd will bring the first seasonal content to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Almost all of this content will be free to all players, making …

December 6, 2019


BB-8 coming as playable hero to Battlefront 2 – GameSpot
Dice has announced a new update to Battlefront II in conjunction with the theatrical release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on December 20th. This announcement is in addition …

December 13, 2019


Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2019 – Polygon
Overwatch’s annual winter holiday event, Winter Wonderland, is now live, running December 10th to January 2nd. Players can unlock new holiday and winter-themed cosmetics, including legendary skins, through loot boxes, and weekly challenges. Mei’s …

December 20, 2019


Sekiro wins Game of the Year 2019 – GameSpot
Sikero: Shadows Die Twice was a standout game this year. Few games manage to provide players with such a thrilling and tense experience without falling into familiar tropes. Beyond this, Sikero …

January 6, 2020


Respawn Boss takes control over Dice LA Studio – GameSpot
Vince Zampella, the co-founder of Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, is to be head of EA DICE’s LA studio. The LA office will remain separate …

January 10, 2020


Sea of Thieves, highly successful – GameSpot

Sea of Thieves is just getting started and is already the most successful new IP on Xbox. To celebrate over 10 million players, Rare is giving away a free sail and emote to

January 17, 2020


Rainbow Six Siege gets esports related event map – Polygon
Siege will be getting a new map, and battle passes in celebration of The Six Invitational competitive Esports tournament. The new map, called Stadium, lies in a refurbished Greek Stadium …

January 24, 2020


Cyberpunk 2077 needs more work time – Polygon
CD Projekt Red’s chief executive admitted in an investor call that the development teams for Cyberpunk 2077 still have a significant amount of work before launch. He mentioned that they will, unfortunately, …

January 31, 2020


Blizzard claims right to any custom game modes in Warcraft III – GameSpot
Warcraft III: Reforged is out now, and Blizzard wants to lay claims to any custom games players make. A decision likely born from the popular mod “Defense …

February 7, 2020


Rockstar’s VP of creativity leaving the company- GameSpot
Dan Houser, the creative lead on Rockstar’s GTA and Red Dead Redemption titles, will be leaving the company. Houser has been on an extended break recently and will be formally leaving the …

February 14, 2020


Division 2 returns to New York – GameSpot
The original Division took a while to flesh out its gameplay mechanics, something that Division 2 did much faster and smoother. With a post-game storyline involving tons of content, Division 2 stands …

February 21, 2020


No Man’s Sky introduces living ships you can hatch – GameSpot
2020’s first update for No Man’s Sky is titled The Living Ship, which allows players to fly sentient organic ships. Players interested in hatching and growing a ship can …

February 28, 2020


Overwatch Mardi Gras event – GameSpot

From February 25th to March 9th Overwatch is running an event that gives Ashe a new Mardi Gras themed skin. Players can earn the skin by winning nine multiplayer games during the …

March 6, 2020


Halo: CE now available on PC for MCC – GameSpot

Halo: Combat Evolved is now live for the PC release of the Master Chief Collection. The PC release comes with a few customization options and lets players toggle between some …

March 13, 2020


CoD: Warzone update – GameSpot

There has been much talk about Activision giving CoD: Modern Warfare a battle royale mode, but they have just announced CoD: Warzone; a standalone game solely for battle royale. Everyone can now download Warzone for …

March 20, 2020


Overwatch’s next Hero: Echo – GameSpot

Blizzard has just released the identity and trailer for Overwatch’s next hero, Echo. The community has been anticipating the announcement of Echo since the Overwatch 2 trailer from BlizzCon last year. The trailer gives …

March 27, 2020


Nintendo Switch is selling fast – Polygon

Considering the quarantine measures currently in place, there is a large demand building up for gaming consoles. Nintendo Switch, for example, is almost sold out everywhere, physically and digitally. Nintendo themselves are out …

April 10, 2020


Sea of Thieves’ next update brings more faction focus – Polygon

Sea of Thieves’ current faction serves as the game’s backbone, as it provides access to quests, rewards, and cosmetics. The upcoming Ships of Fortune seeks to reinforce these mechanics. …

April 17, 2020



CoD: Warzone already at 50 Milion players – Polygon

CoD: Warzone has launched about a month ago and has already achieved outstanding popularity. The surprise release dropped for free for everyone on March 10th and now has over …

April 24, 2020


Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters Play Each Other – GameSpot

Infinity Ward has released a new patch for CoD: Warzone to combat cheaters and exploiters. Starting now, players who report other players for cheating will receive an in-game notification. Infinity …

May 1, 2020


First Assassin’s Creed Gameplay Coming Next Week – Gamespot

Ubisoft announced the game in action debut for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla scheduled for next week. The Norse setting of the game places it historically anywhere between 100 and 400 years before

May 8, 2020


Fortnite hits 350 Million Players – The Verge

Epic’s Fortnite has reportedly reached 350 Million registered players this week. This growth makes the free-to-play Battle Royale one of the most popular titles ever made. However, Epic has not released player …

May 15, 2020


Fortnite will be a launch title for PS5 and Xbox Series X – GameSpot

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite will be a launch title for both the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X. They have also announced that Fortnite …

May 22, 2020


Overwatch Anniversary event 2020 – Polygon

Overwatch’s Anniversary event is now live on all platforms and will run through June 9th. Like previous years, all seasonal cosmetics and game modes are unlocked and playable for everyone during the event. A

May 29, 2020


Minecraft: Dungeons – GameSpot

When Minecraft first released, it was a fantastic new concept for games, with its early access style and open-ended gameplay. Now, Minecraft Dungeons isn’t trying anything revolutionary but instead introduces a new generation of players to …

June 4, 2020


Sony delays PS5 reveal event – GameSpot

Sony has now postponed the reveal event indefinitely, stating that they would like “more important voices” heard over them. They have not cited any specific group or movement in this statement, but the …

June 12, 2020


CoD: Modern Warfare Season 4 starting this week – GameSpot

The next season of content for Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone has launched. A trailer from a little while ago announced the start of the season on June …

June 19, 2020


Sea of Thieves, Haunted Shores Update – Polygon

Rare’s sandbox pirate game, Sea of Thieves, has a new update. Titled Haunted Shores, this update brings in new NPC ship battles with a fleet of spectral ghost ships. Players can partake …

June 26, 2020


Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood – GameSpot

Borderlands 3’s third campaign expansion releases June 25. In an interview, the game’s Creative Director, Matt Cox, said that they wanted to add new elements to the combat loop. The team went about …

July 3, 2020


Valorant plans to release six new agents a year – Polygon

Even though Valorant launched a few weeks ago, developers are looking forward to developing the game. They have announced a plan to release a new agent every Act, or …

July 9, 2020


Amazon working on Fallout TV Series – Comicbook

The creators of Westward have partnered with Amazon to create a live-action TV series based on the Fallout series.  The creative team has plans to bring the harsh wasteland to life and …

July 17, 2020


Overwatch, Sigma’s Maestro Challenge – GameSpot

Overwatch’s latest event, titled Sigma’s Maestro Challenge, is running from July 14th to 27th. Players can earn rewards for getting enough wins during the challenge. Similar to other hero focused events, …

July 24, 2020


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5 – GameSpot

Infinity Ward is releasing teasers about Modern Warfare and Warzone, and although light on details, the information may include a possible release date. In a video that developers have …

July 31, 2020


Halo Infinite – TechRadar

After initial teasing back in 2018, Halo Infinite has finally come to the foreground for Xbox.  Gameplay footage and release information arrived via Microsoft’s July Xbox Showcase. The Gameplay will be a departure from previous entries …

August 7, 2020


Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 – Polygon

The next season for Modern Warfare and Warzone has arrived. The initial season patch brings some changes to the Battle Royale map and a host of additions to weapons. This update brings …

August 14, 2020


Xbox Series X and PS5 prices still unconfirmed – GameSpot

The next generation of Xbox will release in less than three months, with the upcoming PlayStation coming not long after. There is no confirmation as to the date these consoles …

August 21, 2020


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War officially announced – GameSpot

A teaser for the new Call of Duty has finally arrived, promising a world-wide reveal next week. The video focuses on a speech given by real-life KGB defector, Yuri …

August 28, 2020


Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 – GameSpot

The next season for Fortnite chapter 2, Nexus War, has launched hosting a new battle pass and a Marvel theme. The battle pass suggests that Galactus will serve as the season’s main antagonist …

September 4, 2020


Marvel’s Avengers early reviews – Gamespot

After spending some time in Marvel’s Avengers, one of the most common perceptions is that too much of the beta’s focus is on the opening sequence. The bulk of the game follows Ms. Marvel, …

September 11, 2020


Details on the next generation of Xbox – Polygon

Microsoft unveiled the next generation of Xbox at E3 back in 2019, and this year they confirmed a secondary version of the new console would release alongside the main title November …

September 18, 2020


PS5 price and release date – GameSpot

With the PlayStation 5 reveal event and information streams, Sony kept a price point and release date for their new system a secret. However, in the latest PS5 showcase, Sony revealed both of …

September 24, 2020


BlizzConline – Polygon
Recently, Blizzard announced BlizzConline, their formal replacement for BlizzCon 2020, airing on February 19th, 2021. So far, we know of a few events Blizzard has lined up alongside some guidelines and safety regulations. Currently, we know of …

October 2, 2020


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 6 – GameSpot

Season 6 for Modern Warfare is now live, coming out with a series of changes along with a future content teaser. The story starts when Nikolai and Farah, characters from the …

October 9, 2020


Next Overwatch novel to star McCree and Ashe – Polygon

A listing for a second Overwatch novel recently went live on Amazon France. It tells the story of how a young McCree and Ashe founded the Deadlock gang. Though the …

October 16, 2020


Overwatch Halloween 2020 event – PCGamer

Overwatch’s annual Halloween event has returned for three weeks this October, bringing new cosmetic items and the return of Junkenstein’s revenge. Each week players can partake in three new challenges with added difficulty in …

October 23, 2020


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – GameSpot

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla comes out in less than a month. Confirmed information we know to date: the modern timeline story will continue with Layla Hassan after The Fate of Atlantis DLC’s events from Odyssey. Valhalla …

October 30, 2020


World of Warcraft Shadowlands now launching in November – GameSpot

WoW Shadowlands was scheduled to release on October 27th but got delayed until November 23rd. A post on the series’ Twitter page clarified that extra time was …

November 6, 2020


Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition – GameSpot

Borderlands 3 is getting new content with season 2. Additionally, players can get all the content from the main game, and both seasons pass with the upcoming Ultimate Edition. Players who purchase the Ultimate …

November 13, 2020


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – GameSpot

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla takes aspects from numerous earlier games in the series and improves the new open-world style. The game follows Layla, a present-day character, transformed into a 9th century Viking via a time travel …

November 20, 2020


Demon Souls Remake – GameSpot
The remake of Demon Souls is a wonderful experience and a remarkable showpiece for the PlayStation 5. Barring some tweaks, the game is identical to the original by bringing a familiar experience yet creating a …

December 4, 2020


Fortnite Season 5 – GameSpot

Fortnite Season 5 has started, and the Zero Point has been exposed. The new Battle Pass, as suspected, contains Star Wars-themed cosmetics based on the Mandalorian TV series. Players can unlock the Mandalorian himself by …

December 11, 2020


Cyberpunk 2077 – GameSpot

Cyberpunk 2077 has officially launched.  From initial reviews, it appears the game currently suffers from bug issues requiring players to load and reload the game. Some of the game content may also need to be tightened …

December 18, 2020


Cyberpunk 2077 Launch cost $1 Billion – GameSpot

Technical issues with the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 dealt a significant blow to CD Projekt Red’s stock value. Bloomberg states that the founder’s joint stake has dropped $1B in a few days.

January 8, 2021


Fortnite Stormwing returns – GameSpot
Fortnite’s Holiday event brought back the X-4 Stormwing planes, and despite the event ending, some of the planes still sit around the map. The planes, however, now require periodic refueling at a gas station or …

January 15, 2021


CoD: Black Ops Cold War, Firebase Z – Polygon

Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ first DLC map is right around the corner. Treyarch announced the release of this new map on February 3rd. Firebase Z is a secret …

January 22, 2021


Terminator coming to Fortnite – GameStop

Epic Games teases the next crossover characters for Fortnite with a tag line of “a ruthless machine and a protector of the future.” The terminator reference was confirmed when Epic revealed that the T-800 …

January 29, 2021


Cyberpunk 2077 needs hotfix to correct bugs from previous patches – Polygon

A hotfix for Cyberpunk 2077 rolled out this Thursday to correct a game-breaking bug introduced by last Friday’s patch 1.1. The fix addressed a bug that prevented NPC …

February 5, 2021


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has new maps – Polygon

We are few months into season one for Cold War, and Treyarch brings out a mid-season content update. Multiplayer receives a couple of new maps, including a remake …

February 12, 2021


BlizzCon schedule hints at big news – Polygon

Blizzard released the schedule for this year’s online-only BlizzCon. While specifics are lacking, both Diablo and World of Warcraft seem to hold focus this year. The online convention runs from Feb 19th

February 19, 2021


Valorant, nerfs and new game mode – Polygon

In Valorant’s new game mode, Escalation, players’ weapons and abilities decrease throughout the course of the game with the ultimate goal of attaining the highest kill score using the least powerful weapons. …

February 26, 2021


Diablo 4: How The Rogue Class, PvP, And Open World Work – GameSpot

While Diablo 4 will not be coming out in 2021, BlizzConline revealed some new details about what to expect. Blizzard introduced a new Rogue Class, outlined the …

March 5, 2021


Call of Duty: Warzone weapons and UI changes – GameSpot

Another patch addressing Warzone Season Two bugs and issues is live. The UI changes are not major but should make icons and buttons appear properly and more pleasing visually. This …

March 12, 2021


Video Game Industry Statistics 2020 – WePC

Reports now say the Video Game Industry worldwide was worth $159Bil in 2020, a notable 9% annual increase. Based on growth trends, current forecasts estimate a total of $200Bil net worth by 2023. …

March 19, 2021


Gen Con is back in person in September – Polygon

Gen Con, the United States’ longest-running tabletop convention, is going live and in-person again this September. Now running from September 16-19, the convention is a hybrid in-person and Livestream event …

March 26, 2021


Graphics cards rise in price again – Game Debate

Most, if not every modern electronic device utilizes semiconductor chips as a core component. The pressure on manufacturers stems from the production slowdowns tied to COVID coupled with increased demand from …

April 2, 2021


CD Projekt Red acquires Digital Scapes – GameSpot

CD Projekt Red announces they will acquire Canada-based studio Digital Scapes, their development partner for Cyberpunk 2077. The two studios have worked together for the past three years, so transitioning should be

April 9, 2021


Muslim advocacy group calls for boycott of Six Days in Fallujah –

The council for American-Islamic relations calls upon the platform holders to refrain from distributing or selling Six Days in Fallujah. In a release earlier in the week, …

April 17, 2021


Square Enix says it’s not for sale – GameSpot

Despite the recent Bloomberg Japan story, Square Enix said that there had been no offers or mentions of deals sent to them, and there is no interest to sell the studio …

April 23, 2021


Xsolla acquires Slemma –

Xsolla announced their acquisition of Slemma today. Slemma’s tools allow functionality with third-party platforms and will integrate with Xsolla’s systems throughout the year. Together the two can create a unique platform combining data reporting and …

April 30, 2021


Microsoft Reducing Cut on PC Sales – Polygon

Microsoft modifies its revenue model to increase developers’ cut on sales. Starting August 1st, developers receive 88% of revenue from all game sales on Microsoft’s PC storefront. The change is …

May 7, 2021


Australia Brings Game Tax Break –

The Australian Government unveils its Digital Economic Strategy, which includes a tax break for game studios. The aim is to promote business growth. This should be a big step for Australian-based developers and …

May 14, 2021


Mobile Revenue Fuels Konami –

Konami released its full-year financial report; its digital entertainment division once again leads the company’s revenue. Their digital entertainment division made up $1.9Bil of $2.5Bil in total revenue, led by sales via the mobile …

May 21, 2021


Apple Possibly Intimidated Roblox – Polygon

Roblox, a massive platform for people to make and play games, executed a series of changes to shift towards an experience-sharing platform rather than a game. These moves arrived suspiciously close to the discussions …

May 28, 2021


Ex-People Can Fly Developers Form New Studio to Make Game – GameSpot

Ex-developers from studio People Can Fly create a new studio, Gruby Entertainment. This new studio focuses on the development of a new first-person shooter this year. Gruby Entertainment’s …

June 4, 2021


Nintendo’s New Museum –

Nintendo announces plans to open a museum dedicated to its history In Uji, Japan. The project is projected to reach completion during the company’s 2023 fiscal year, ending in March 2024. Tentatively named the “Nintendo …

June 11, 2021


UK May charts –

Almost 200,000 game consoles sold in the UK during May, with PlayStation 5 in the lead. Xbox Series X and S came in second, with Switch falling behind. Game sales of 2 million in May …

June 18, 2021


Facebook to Test in-headset ads in Oculus games –

Facebook will be starting tests of in-app ads in its Oculus virtual reality ecosystem. Producing a new way to generate revenue from ads is the main reason for this development. …

June 25, 2021


Microsoft will build native Xbox games for the cloud –

Microsoft lays the groundwork to expand cloud-based gaming. Kim Swift has been hired as Senior Director of Cloud Gaming in Microsoft’s pursuit to create cloud-native games. Along with upgrading …

July 2, 2021



Sony adds PC Port developer to PlayStation Studios –

PlayStation Studios has acquired the company Nixxes Software, a developer known for PC ports and optimizations. While no specific goals or projects have been announced, the acquisition promises exciting …

July 9, 2021


Grand Theft Auto creator Dan Houser forms new company –

Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two, announced in February 2020 that Rockstar Games’ co-founder, Dan Houser, was leaving the company after an extended break. While full details are forthcoming on his …

July 16, 2021


Epic Games Wins appeal against Apple in Australia –

During a lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple in Australia, the judge ordered a three-month temporary stay while court proceedings between the two companies continue in the United States. Epic …

July 23, 2021


Ubisoft wins lawsuit against DDoS attack operations –

Ubisoft wins a lawsuit against the group selling software used to carry out the DDoS attacks on several multiplayer games, including Rainbow Six: Siege. The defendants will be required to pay …

July 30, 2021


Over 50% of households in the US own a game console –

Consumer Technology Association reports over 50% of US households currently own a gaming console. Hardware sales are up 112% in the month of June alone. Another 30% …

August 6, 2021


PlayStation, Xbox, Mario and FIFA dominate EMEAA games markets in H1 2021 –

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles spurred a 4% increase in sales in the EMEAA games markets. While 2021 EMEAA software sales wane from their peak …

August 14, 2021


Spec Ops: The Line director launches studio with Nine Inch Nails guitarist –

Guitarist Robin Finck of Nine Inch Nails, and Cory Davis, former Spec Ops: The Line creative director, have created a new developer studio, Eyes Out.  The …

August 20, 2021


US consumer game spending up 10% to $4.6b for July –

The NPD Group has reported increasing US game spending for July, finding consumer spending up 10% year-over-year. Content spending saw 6% growth, and hardware spending saw a gain …

August 27, 2021


Cloud gaming forecasted to generate $6.5 bn in 2024 –

Market intelligence firm Newzoo is projecting that cloud gaming will have 24 million paid users by the end of the year. The same analysis expects gaming revenue to be …

September 3, 2021


Digital-only Gamescom attracted 13 million viewers –

The 2021 Gamescom event reached 13 million viewers over the course of last week’s online show. The Opening Night Live showcase saw 6 million viewers, an increase of 30% from last year. …

September 10, 2021


Why the Global Chip Shortage is making it so hard to buy a PS5 –

Willy Shih, professor of management practice at Harvard Business School, sits down with The Verge’s Nilay Patel of Decoder to deep dive into the …

September 17, 2021


Erin Wayne joins Riot as first global head of player community –

Riot Games names Erin Wayne, former Twitch creator, as their first Global Head of Player Community. Along with Riot’s other titles, Wayne will be working to provide …

September 24, 2021


Misfits Gaming Group secures $35m Investment –

Misfits Gaming Group, owner of three esports teams in League of Legends, Overwatch, and Call of Duty leagues, acquires new investment money of $35 million. The investment is part of a future …

October 1, 2021


Sony is buying the Remaster Powerhouse behind all those Rad Remakes –

Sony has purchased Bluepoint Games, the studio responsible for remastering God of War and Shadow of the Colossus. The acquisition expands upon Sony’s capabilities in HD remakes …

October 8, 2021


Worldwide esports viewership will grow to 519 million by 2024 – Report –

The Consumer Technology Association is projecting that the global audience for esports will hit 519 million people in 2024. The US and Europe are expected to …

October 15, 2021


Call of Duty’s new anti-cheat system includes a kernel-level driver to catch PC cheaters

The new anti-cheat system developed internally by Activision will launch first for Call of Duty: Warzone players in the Pacific. The kernel-level driver will operate …

October 22, 2021


Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto joins EA, starts new studio –

Marcus Lehto, former Bungie creative director, has joined EA and will be launching a new studio in Seattle, WA. As a game director for EA, Lehto will be overseeing …

October 29, 2021


Amplifier Game Invest opens new studio Goose

Theodor Diea and Nathan Ross Powell, both formally of Ubisoft, will be taking the lead at Goose Byte Games studio in Montreal. The new development studio will be the first Canadian location …

November 5, 2021


Gaming arm Nuverse one of six pillars in reorganized ByteDance –

ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, has reorganized to set up a proprietary gaming unit, Nuverse. Nuverse will include both recently acquired Montoon and C4games as well as Pixmain, which …

November 12, 2021


‘Arcane’ Is Netflix’s Best Rated Original Series Ever, According to IMDB –
Riot Games and Fortiche Productions’ new animated League of Legends series is receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews. With only three episodes released so far, the series is currently …

November 19, 2021



Ubisoft renews theme park ambitions with first Ubisoft Entertainment Center in 2025 –

Ubisoft and Storyland Studios partner to launch a line of Ubisoft Entertainment Centers. The first of these will open in France along with the Studios …

November 26, 2021


TinyBuild acquires Versus Evil and Red Cerberus in $31.3m deal –

Publishing label Versus Evil and the QA studio Red Cerberus have both been purchased by TinyBuild. Versus Evil will continue to specialize in RPGs and turn-based strategy games …

December 3, 2021


United Talent Agency Looks to by gaming, digital media companies with new SPAC –

A former Nintendo executive has started a special acquisitions company with a focus on gaming, digital media, and entertainment. The company will begin trading on …

December 10, 2021


Niko Partners: Asian gamers will generate over $41B revenue by 2025 –

A new report from Niko Partners projects that the Asia-10 gaming market will see strong growth over the next five years, potentially reaching 940.9 million players by …

December 17, 2021


Inside the Lucrative World of Console Resell –

Consoles, chip shortages, and bots: Wired looks inside the world of console resale market. Global supply shortages and the approaching holiday season mean consumers are paying huge markups on hard-to-find hardware, …

December 24, 2021


The Exercise Games That Can Actually Get You Off the Couch –

New exercise-focused games are hoping to leverage a growing enthusiasm for fitness. Wii Sports and Dance Dance Revolution, along with a recent mobile hit, Pokemon GO are …

December 31, 2021


Control developer Remedy is making free-to-play shooter with Tencent –

Remedy, the developer behind Control and Alan Wake, is teaming up with Tencent to develop a new entry in the multiplayer shooter genre codenamed “Vanguard.”  Still early in the …

January 7, 2022


What happens to gaming in 2022? Analysts offer their predictions –

Will console sales grow or stay flat? Will NFTs blow up or fizzle out? Is gaming IP the next big thing in entertainment? gathers a panel of …

January 14, 2022


GameStop reportedly has a whole unit working on NFTs and cryptocurrency –

According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, internet darling GameStop is moving into the virtual space with heavy investment in NFTs and Web3. The …

January 21, 2022


Metaverse Enthusiasts Fuel Virtual Real Estate Boom in China –

In the wake of a sagging real estate market in China, one form of real-estate speculation is booming, virtual houses. Young, tech-savvy buyers are snapping up digital houses in …

January 28, 2022


Number of Gamers Worldwide 2022/2023: Demographics, Statistics, and Predictions –

While still largely regarded as a fringe group in traditional media portrayals, the worldwide community of gamers is a massive and still growing demographic. Finances Online takes a deep …

February 4, 2022


Sony is buying Bungie, the developer of Destiny and original creator of Halo –

Sony is buying Destiny and original Halo creator, Bungie, for a reported sum of $3.6 billion. Bungie is promising that its popular title Destiny 2 …

February 11, 2022


Nvidia and Arm call off $80B merger and Arm CEO resigns –

The graphics chip maker, Nvidia, and mobile processor company, Arm, have decided to walk away from plans for a merger after the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and …

February 18, 2022


Intel’s first discrete Arc desktop GPUs are coming in Q2 2022 –

Intel is looking to give graphics chip makers Nvidia and AMD a run for their money with new discrete laptop chips and desktop graphics cards. The laptop …

March 4, 2022


The Metaverse Is The Web3 Wave That Democratizes Buying And Building Real Estate, Hosting Fashion Shows And Monetizing Video Gaming

Wave after wave of large investments is pouring into a network of interconnected 3D virtual worlds, also known as the …

March 11, 2022


Gamescom will return as biggest in-person game expo in August –

Gamescom 2022 will feature a return of in-person game expo experience in Cologne, Germany. Felix Falk, the co-organizer, describes the expo as a hybrid event where online features …

March 18, 2022


Overwatch 2 is starting testing soon –

Blizzard announces its next steps in testing for Overwatch 2 starting with PvP mode dynamics. Beta testing is set for April, followed by a closed alpha test to be announced soon.  Competitive …

March 25, 2022


PlayStation acquires Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios –

Sony announced that it has reached a deal to acquire the newly created Haven Studios led by former Ubisoft Toronto head, Jade Raymond. The studio is currently working on a brand-new PlayStation …

April 1, 2022


Microsoft & Gamers Outreach announce Beyond Xbox: Therapeutic Play program –

A new program from Microsoft and Gamers Outreach, Beyond Xbox: Therapeutic Play sets out to promote gaming as a tool for recovery for hospitalized children. The companies co-released …

April 8, 2022

E3 2022 is canceled –

Will Powers, PR lead for Razer, has announced E3 is officially canceled for 2022 amidst continuing pandemic concerns.…

April 8, 2022

Epic Games releases Unreal Engin 5 for next-generation games –

Epic Games announces their release of Unreal Engin 5 for game developers featuring the ability to render “real-time worlds in incredibly high-fidelity detail.”…

April 8, 2022

Fortnite maker teams up with Lego for a Kid-friendly metaverse –

The Lego Group and Epic Games are collaborating on a new “creatively inspiring and engaging” kid-friendly metaverse.…

April 15, 2022


Epic Games raises $2B in funding from Sony and Kirkbi –

Sony and Kirkbi, the investment group behind LEGO, invest $2Billion in Epic Games’ vision for expanding the metaverse. CEO of Kirkbi, Soren Sorensen, stated, “we are pleased to …

April 22, 2022



Newzoo: Esports will generate $1.38B in revenue by the end of the year –

Newzoo projects Esports to bring in over $1 billion in revenue this year with an estimated 60% coming from sponsorships. Gaming content dominated livestream …

April 29, 2022


Reggie Fils-Aimé gauges gaming’s biggest disruptors –

Former Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aimé delivered the keynote for 2022’s GamesBeat Summit in Los Angeles. Fils-Aimé sat down with moderator Danny Peña to discuss his views on disruptions in the …

May 6, 2022


Summer Game Fest is taking E3’s June slot –

With the cancellation of E3 for this year, the third annual Summer Games Fest is stepping in to fill a void in June. Summer Games Fest is a fully digital …

May 13, 2022


EA and FIFA end nearly 30-year-old-partnership –

After nearly 30 years and 39 titles, EA is ending its branding partnership with the international football association, FIFA. EA will be renaming the franchise EA Sports FC and moving forward with …

May 20, 2022


The DeanBeat: Wandering the game industry with Reggie Fils-Aimé –

VentureBeat sat down with the former Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aimé to discuss his new book and views on the gaming industry’s past, present, and future. …

May 27, 2022


The Unstoppable Machines Behind the Game Console Shortage –

The Verge delves into the shadowy world of “AIO resale bots” that instantly vacuum up everything from game consoles to sneakers and graphics cards for marked-up resale on the grey …

June 3, 2022


EA honors John Madden with a trio of covers for Madden NFL 23 –

After a 20-year absence, NFL Coach John Madden will once again appear on the cover art for Madden NFL 23. Madden passed away in 2021 …

June 17, 2022


The biggest trailers and announcements from the 2022 Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase –

The Verge rounds up the biggest announcements to come out of the Xbox and Bethesda Games showcase last weekend. Hollow Knight, Starfield, Overwatch 2, Diablo, …

June 24, 2022


DICE chief Rebecka Coutaz interview: How EA’s Battlefield studio is improving quality and culture –

VentureBeat sat down with the new DICE vice president and general manager, Rebecka Coutaz, to talk about her work history, women in the gaming …

July 1, 2022


Overwatch 2 will replace the original Overwatch –

During a recent Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), Blizzard game director, Aaron Keller, revealed that Overwatch 2 will completely replace the original game. While players can be confident that all unlocked …

July 8, 2022


E3 is partnering with PAX organizers for 2023 return in LA –

The Electronic Entertainment Expo will be returning to an in-person format in 2023 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. ESA announced that it would be partnering with …

July 15, 2022


Nintendo acquires animation studio that’ll become ‘Nintendo Pictures’ –

With the upcoming release of a new Super Mario Bros. movie and the success of Detective Pikachu, Nintendo has acquired a CG production company and is gearing up to translate …

July 29, 2022


World Series of Warzone returns on August 12 –

The global tournament for Call of Duty: Warzone, The World Series of Warzone, will be returning on August 12 at 9 a.m. pacific. The tournament begins with an open qualification …

August 5, 2022


Evo 2022: Sony Announces New Live Show With Announcements from Capcom, Warner Bros., and More –

Sony’s new live show PlayStation Tournaments: Evo Lounge has been announced for August 5th and 6th. The all-new event promises “exciting content and …

August 12, 2022


Street Fighter V and MultiVersus made for a thrilling EVO finale – 

The Evolution Championship Series 2022 made its post-pandemic debut in Las Vegas, Nevada this past weekend. Players gathered from all over the world for the event’s competitive …

August 19, 2022


Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022: Start Time And How To Watch All The Announcements –

The annual European gaming convention, Gamescom, will be kicking off with Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 on August 23 at 2 p.m. eastern. The …

August 26, 2022


Everything announced at Gamescom 2022’s Opening Night Live –

Polygon has rounded up all the announcements from Tuesday night’s Gamescom 2022 Opening Night Live. The show featured trailers and teasers for new games such as Hogwart’s Legacy, Tales from …

September 2, 2022


Riot Games and Take This team up in support of mental health –

Riot Games has announced a partnership with the mental-health non-profit, Take This, focused on creating a safe and inclusive environment for gamers. The partnership is creating …

September 9, 2022


Company of Heroes 3, Developer Diary: Audio – 

Relic Entertainment game developers speak in depth about the audio component that will go into the new Company of Heroes 3, set to release on November 17th. Music and …

September 16, 2022


Gamescom 2022 Company of Heroes- Development Q&A –

During Gamescom 2022 in Cologne, Germany players were able to take part in a live demo of Company of Heroes 3, featuring maps for a North African scrimmage or the Italian …

September 23, 2022


Cyberpunk 2007 ramps up to 1m active players following Netflix anime, Edgerunners update –

Cyberpunk reaches 1Mil DAU following the Edgerunner update that coincided with the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, the anime series, debuting on Netflix this September. CD Project Red, …

September 30, 2022


Blizzard reveals a suite of Overwatch 2 tools to fight cheaters and toxic players –

With the release of Overwatch 2 quickly approaching, Blizzard has shared information on a brand-new set of tools to fight cheating and toxic voice …

October 7, 2022


Overwatch 2 Review, A Heroic Return –

Overwatch 2 launched for players worldwide on Tuesday, and IGN has posted its launch week review. The review covers all the new features in Overwatch 2, new heroes, game modes, the move …

October 14, 2022


Square Enix Montreal rebrands as Studio Onoma –

Following its acquisition by Embracer Group, Square Enix Montreal has been rebranded as Studio Onoma. The new name is the work of an in-house “brand squad” tasked with choosing the name …

October 21, 2022


Three Silent Hill games announced as Konami revives dormant series –

Konami announced a massive resurrection of the Silent Hills franchise in a special event on Wednesday. Three new Silent Hill titles are in the works along with a …

October 28, 2022


Overwatch 2 Halloween Event – Skins, Twitch Drops, And More In Halloween Terror 2022 –

Overwatch’s annual Halloween event returns with Halloween Terror 2022. The event runs until November 8th and features the return of Junkenstein’s Revenge PVE …

October 28, 2022

Overwatch 2 Halloween Event – Skins, Twitch Drops, And More In Halloween Terror 2022 –

Overwatch’s annual Halloween event returns with Halloween Terror 2022.…

November 4, 2022


Amazon Wants to ‘Win at Games.’ So Why Hasn’t It? –

Wired’s Cecilia D’Anastasio has done a deep dive into Amazon’s foray into game publishing. From its 2008 purchase of a small development studio to recent blockbuster launches like …

November 11, 2022


Could The Future Of Mobile Games Be Microsoft, Netflix, PlayStation? What Are They Up To? –

In a continued effort to diversify their player base, multiple industry giants are making their way to the gaming small screen. PlayStation Studios …

November 18, 2022


God of War Ragnarök’s designers want you to express yourself (with violence) –

Mihir Sheth, the lead combat designer for God of War Ragnarök, explains how the newest installment of GOW will allow players to better customize their own …

November 25, 2022


The Esports Winter is coming. Diversify to survive –

GamesBeat Summit Next 2022 is covering what might be a rough time for esports organizations in the coming months. From expiring pandemic restrictions tanking online viewership to a looming economic …

December 2, 2022


China’s Tencent bets on cloud computing growth abroad as its core video games business takes a beating –

Tencent has announced it will launch new cloud computing products aimed at overseas markets. The news comes as regulations cause slowdowns …

December 9, 2022


Microsoft Has Made a ’10-Year Commitment’ to Bring Call of Duty to Nintendo Consoles –

Microsoft’s Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, has announced a new deal to bring Activision’s Call of Duty franchise to Nintendo consoles once the acquisition is …

December 16, 2022


Amazon Games will publish next major Tomb Raider title from Crystal Dynamics –

A new Tomb Raider game will soon be in the works at Crystal Dynamics, with Amazon Games as its global publisher. The new entry will continue …

December 23, 2022


Using VR Games as Pain Management –

Researchers discover a new application for immersive virtual reality video games in the form of pain management. The same sensory overload that makes the VR experience unique and gratifying for the user …

December 30, 2022


How 2022’s most influential games will change gaming in 2023 –

VentureBeat looks ahead to 2023 and how the most influential games of this year will influence next year’s gaming trends. Games like Diablo Immortal and High on Life …

January 6, 2023


Sony’s new PS5 Controller looks like a leap for accessibility on PlayStation –

Sony reveals designs for Project Leonardo, a new accessibility-friendly controller for the PlayStation 5. When available, the new device will include larger buttons, interchangeable parts, and …

January 13, 2023


Fortnite Champion Series changes format, keeps $10M prize pool –

When the Fortnite Champion Series returns in 2023, it will feature a new format to bring it more in line with other e-sports championships. The $10 million prize pool …

January 20, 2023


GamesBeat Summit 2023 is coming May 22-23 in Santa Monica –

GamesBeat’s Into the Metaverse 3 event has been rolled into their larger GamesBeat Summit 2023 scheduled for May. The Summit will be a hybrid of in-person and virtual …

January 27, 2023


Game devs remain skeptical about metaverse and blockchain projects | GDC survey –

A new industry survey from the Game Developers Conference indicates that developers remain cool to the metaverse and blockchain projects. The survey’s 2,300 respondents also show …

February 3, 2023


Roblox to hold NFL Super Bowl concert starring Saweetie –

In hopes to hype pregame revelry and encourage fan engagement, the NFL has announced that Roblox will be hosting an in-game Super Bowl-style concert set just days before Super …

February 10, 2023


All the biggest announcements from this week’s Nintendo Direct –

The February Nintendo Direct is buzzing with news of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, scheduled to release on May 12. A few surprises were mentioned, including …

February 17, 2023


Riot Forge reveals League spinoff The Mageseeker and new release dates –

Riot Games’ publishing label, Riot Forge, announced a new 2D pixel-style action RPG by developer, Digital Sun. The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story focuses on the …

February 24, 2023


Company of Heroes 3 review — Capturing the chaos of war in a real-time strategy game –

Relic Entertainment’s Company of Heroes 3 has launched. VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi gives an in-depth review of COH3, praising its maps, campaigns, and …

March 3, 2023


RPG publisher Paizo bans AI-generated content to support ‘human professionals’ –

In efforts to protect “traditional artists and writers,” the publisher Paizo bans all art and text generated using AI. The ban includes content created for official and third-party …

March 10, 2023


Riot vets aiming to shake up multiplayer with new studio The Believer Company –

Former Riot Games creator Michael Chow is heading up a new studio, The Believer Company. The company has just raised $55 million in Series A …

March 17, 2023


What self-publishing on the Epic Games Store means for gaming –

The Epic Games Store has added self-publishing tools which will allow developers and publishers to easily launch and maintain games on the storefront. VentureBeat spoke with Epic Games …

March 24, 2023


Valve announces Counter-Strike 2, a free replacement for CS:GO –

Limited testing has begun for Counter Strike 2, with hopes that the full game version will be released sometime this summer. Game updates have been made across the board, …

March 31, 2023


Instead of Freaking Out, Try Geeking Out –

The Cancer Support Community of Arizona provides an interesting article explaining how video gaming is helping to support the mental health of young adults undergoing cancer treatment. Studies report gaming to …

April 7, 2023


Overwatch 2 Reveals Lifeweaver As Newest Support Hero –

Blizzard has revealed Overwatch 2’s newest support hero, Lifeweaver, who will be available next week with season 4 of the popular online shooter. Lifeweaver hails from Thailand and features a

April 14, 2023


Company Of Heroes 3 Is Deploying Onto PS5 And Xbox Series X|S In May –

Following up on the game’s successful PC launch, the newest entry in the Company of Heroes franchise will be available on PS5 and Xbox …

April 21, 2023


Diablo IV Has Gone Gold –

A month ahead of the release date, Blizzard’s next installment of Diablo is complete and ready for disc. Following two weekends of open betas, the Diablo IV team is confident in their finished …

April 28, 2023


UK regulator blocks Microsoft’s $68.7B acquisition of Activision Blizzard –

Citing concern about the potential negative impact of competition in cloud gaming, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has vote­d to block the $68.7 billion Microsoft acquisition of …

May 5, 2023


AI offers new tools for making games, but developers worry about their jobs –

Artificial intelligence could automate several aspects of video game development, but will it negatively affect jobs in the industry? The Verge takes a look at

May 12, 2023


Expect More Game Companies To Keep Buying One Another, EA Says–And For EA To Get More Involved –

EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, anticipates more consolidation in the video game industry, and wants EA to be much more involved in …

May 19, 2023


Execs see risks of operating without ethical tech standards | Deloitte –

The latest survey by Deloitte suggests that tech executives think that a lack of ethical standards is behind worker turnover and distress. The survey also reveals that …

May 26, 2023


Replica unveils AI-powered smart NPCs for Unreal Engine –

Replica Studios released a demo of AI-powered NPCs using Unreal Engine 5, OpenAI, and the company’s own AI voice model. The technology promises to expand narrative possibilities by allowing players …

June 2, 2023


June 9, 2023


Coca-Cola’s new League of Legends collaboration claims to taste like leveling up –

Coca-Cola has partnered with Riot Games to release a new flavor of soda called Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar, which is meant to taste like experience points …

June 16, 2023


What’s happening with Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard –

Microsoft’s $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard has been temporarily blocked by a U.S. judge, who ruled that the deal could “substantially lessen competition” in the video game industry. The …

June 23, 2023


Twitch pulls in 1.76bn hours in viewership during May –

Twitch viewership surged in May, reaching an impressive 1.76 billion hours, up 5% from the previous month. At the head of the leader-board with 124 million hours of viewership …

June 30, 2023


How game companies manage their reputation — and why it matters –

As part of its GamesBeat Summit 2023, VentureBeat dives deeply into “reputation management” for game companies. The discussion covers how developers and publishers establish a reputation, how

July 7, 2023


An Overwatch animated miniseries is streaming this July –

Overwatch will be the next major game to release its own animated series, titled “Genesis.” Episodes of this three-part miniseries will be available starting in July on YouTube, and will …

July 14, 2023


Unity launches Safe Voice, a toxicity detection solution for voice chat –

Unity is currently conducting a closed beta for Safe Voice, a new toxicity detection program. Developed for use in multiplayer gaming settings, Safe Voice monitors voice characteristics, …

July 21, 2023


Lego receives Game for Change industry leadership award –

The Lego Group is leading the way in making digital play safer for kids. This year’s Game for Change award winner goes beyond just providing safe spaces online; Lego endeavors …

July 28, 2023


CD Projekt Red lays off 100 employees due to ‘overstaffing’ –

Employees at CD Projekt Red brace for a third round of layoffs since the beginning of 2023. Several projects have wrapped up, and although new installments of the …

August 4, 2023


US game revenue sees a 9% jump in June –

In June, gaming profits saw a 9% increase versus the same month last year, with a 22% increase in spending on gaming hardware alone. New releases, including Diablo 4 …

August 11, 2023


“There’s almost an industry here now” – The rapid growth of the Italian games business –

The number of gaming industry employees has doubled since 2021, mostly due to a significant tax break for game developers. Several companies aim …

August 18, 2023



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 completes crucial year-end release slate –

Activision Blizzard rounds out the end-of-year with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, slated for release on November 10th. A preview went live this week via …

August 25, 2023


European market report: Growing revenues, growing workforce and older gamers –

A new report from Video Games Europe shows revenues increased to €24.5 billion in 2022, with unit sales topping 40 million and industry employment rising to 110,000 personnel. …

September 1, 2023


Report: Mobile game spending projected to hit $108bn in 2023 –

A new report from and IDC projects that revenue from mobile gaming will rise to $108Bil, consoles will hit $43Bil, and PC/Mac will increase to $40Bil in …

September 8, 2023


Baldur’s Gate 3, Monopoly Go roll critical hits for Wizards of the Coast –

Hasbro’s Wizards of the Coast is riding high with the outstanding performances of their AAA RPG Baldur’s Gate 3 and their mobile game, Monopoly Go. …

September 15, 2023


Sweden’s Embracer weighs options for Borderlands maker Gearbox Entertainment –

In efforts to restructure and pull their company out of debt, Embracer is considering selling off their game developer, Gearbox Entertainment. There seems to be third-party interest, as Gearbox …

September 22, 2023


Ubisoft Announces Tom Clancy’s The Division 3, Appoints New Series Producer –

Ubisoft brings on Julian Gerighty as their new executive producer to oversee The Division brand, including the up-and-coming Division 3. The franchise currently boasts over 40 million …