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CD Projekt Red acquires Digital Scapes – GameSpot

CD Projekt Red announces they will acquire Canada-based studio Digital Scapes, their development partner for Cyberpunk 2077. The two studios have worked together for the past three years, so transitioning should be relatively straightforward. Recent months have proven tumultuous for CD Projekt Red following the release of Cyberpunk 2077, but the new acquisition should help down the road.

Kickstarter community head quits after RPG Project – Polygon

Kickstarter Vice President and community head, Luke Crane, is leaving the company after the launch and cancellation of an RPG project on the platform. The project was a tabletop RPG, launched on Feb. 27 with plans to include Adam Koebel, who was recently involved in an assault scene streamed on Twitch. This incident led to an outcry against Crane’s RPG project, leading him to remove it from the platform.

Phil Spencer’s work at Xbox – GameSpot

Phil Spencer is celebrating his seventh anniversary as head of Xbox. Under his leadership and new policies, the series X|S already set a record in sales, and Xbox Cloud Steaming reached record numbers. Under Spencer’s leadership, Xbox acquired Mojang, creator of Minecraft, a move proven to be highly beneficial to the business. 

Overwatch: April Fools update – Polygon

Overwatch’s experimental mode has helped developers test tweaks and changes before fully committing to them. For April Fools day, Blizzard launched a twisted version of the game with radical tweaks to most characters, including a gigantic, evil version of Mei. Some hero changes vary, affecting cool-downs and damage, while others have considerable tweaks that promote complete play-style changes.