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Fornite to host Batman event – Polygon
Data mined from a set of six images, originating from Fortnite files, is pointing to Batman-themed content coming to Fortnite. The images show Batman’s cape as a cosmetic item and a new glider, his grapnel gun and explosive Batarang and a new Gotham themed city. These new items will most likely be playable before September 21st, which is Batman Day as part of DC Comic’s yearlong celebration of Batman’s 80th anniversary.

Battlefront 2 explores new planet – GameSpot
On September 25th, Battlefront 2 will be getting a new multiplayer map on planet Felucia. Publisher EA said the map would be split up into five distinct posts, each with a different visual theme. While Felucia looks stunning, the environment is full of hostile life that will damage players who stray too close. This past June Dice revealed the current road map for Battlefront 2 which includes a good deal more content coming in the future.

Overwatch’s Lego event – Polygon
Blizzard has released a new short event for Overwatch to keep players engaged between the Summer Games and Halloween seasonal events. Bastion’s Brick Challenge rewards players for playing arcade and competitive games by offering them new player icons, sprays, and a legendary Bastion skin making the walking turret appear to be made out of Lego bricks. Players can also receive three additional sprays by watching selected Twitch streamers. Bastion’s event runs from Sept. 17-30th.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint open beta – GameSpot
Ghost Recon: Breakpoint launches in October, but for those who can’t wait, Ubisoft has announced an open beta running from September 26-29th for PC, Xbox, and PS4. The beta will take past player suggestions from the previous closed beta, with a forum hosting complete changes. Players will get their first look at Ghost War PVP, though only the elimination mode. On the PVE side, two new zones will be available for players to explore, including three new missions.