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Fortnite Stormwing returns – GameSpot
Fortnite’s Holiday event brought back the X-4 Stormwing planes, and despite the event ending, some of the planes still sit around the map. The planes, however, now require periodic refueling at a gas station or by gas canisters. Each plane can only fly for a limited amount of time on a full tank, and boosting uses about a quarter of a tank. Players previously thought the planes were overpowered, but this lack of fuel makes them almost useless now.

Fallout 76 inventory improvements – Polygon
Bethesda is looking to make some quality-of-life improvements to Fallout 76 to kick of the new year. The test server is scheduled to implement some inventory changes first, hopefully improving how players manage and access their inventories.  All PC players can download the Bethesda launcher and take part in the test server to provide feedback.

Roblox raised $520 Million in funding – GameSpot
In its most recent funding round, Roblox has raised $520 million. Most of this funding comes from large investors such as Altimeter Capital that want to back the game and company. Roblox’s size and worth in the last few years steadily increased, and they are now at the next stage of business. In a statement, Roblox plans to offer a wider platform for billions of users to share experiences.

Call of Duty Warzone latest nerf may not be strong enough – Polygon
Over the past few weeks, Warzone’s arsenal has distinct favorites among players. Most notable among these is the DMR 14, a rifle so powerful Raven Software thought it necessary to nerf. However, it seems that one nerf may not be enough to bring balance to the game as too many of the gun’s qualities excel beyond other options. Raven hopes their current changes will curb the DMR 14’s dominance, but more adjustments may be necessary to bring it in line.