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Overwatch, Sigma’s Maestro Challenge – GameSpot

Overwatch’s latest event, titled Sigma’s Maestro Challenge, is running from July 14th to 27th. Players can earn rewards for getting enough wins during the challenge. Similar to other hero focused events, only Sigma is getting cosmetics. For three wins, players can earn two-player icons, for six, players can earn a new emote, and for nine, they will earn the new Sigma skin.


Apex Legends teases new hero and map – GameSpot

Season 5 of Apex Legends has brought a large amount of story to the world. Weekly single-player content has been accompanied by lore drops that have fleshed out the game’s world. Players who have collected at least 45 treasure packs throughout the season can jump right into the final chapter of these quests, which teases a new hero and a map. One of the missions that unlock during the final chapter sees players find Ash’s head and replace it on her body, where she seemingly comes back to life.


Scholomance Academy Comes to Hearthstone – Polygon

The next expansion for Hearthstone is bringing us back to a familiar place in World of Warcraft’s history, Scholomance. Players will travel back in time to before the events of World of Warcraft to when the academy was at its height. There are three mechanics introduced to this expansion, Dual-Class cards, Studies, and Spellburst. Dual-Class cards are cards that can be used by two classes, meaning two classes can use these in their deck, there will be a total of 40 Dual-Class cards. Spellburst minions and weapons have more powerful effects when set up in play. Studies are spells, which allow players to  “Discover” a card.


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Polygon

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla feels like a real open-world game. In its predecessor, Odyssey, it was easy to spend hours on the starting island, and with Valhalla purportedly even larger,  there is potentially much more to explore and do. The game focuses on a complex set of political intrigue between the Danes and English as the player character is a Dane looking to settle with their clan in England, to the displeasure of the English. Valhalla’s world is packed with activities and minigames for players to partake in while they explore a darker, grittier England than one would normally see in Fantasy RPGs.