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Nintendo Switch is selling fast – Polygon

Considering the quarantine measures currently in place, there is a large demand building up for gaming consoles. Nintendo Switch, for example, is almost sold out everywhere, physically and digitally. Nintendo themselves are out of stock on the console and Amazon is mostly out with third party sellers offering various options and exclusions for increased retail price. Other large retailers are mostly out of stock, while some online groups, such as eBay, are selling at prices doubling retail levels. Nintendo has acknowledged these shortages in US markets and promises to ship out as many units as they can quickly.

Epic Launches Publishing Label – The Verge

Epic Games is building a publishing model for the development of games with partners such as Remedy Entertainment, Playdead, and Gen Design.  These are among the three “most innovative and talented studios in the industry.” Epic Games Store is offering developer-friendly terms, which covers 100% of development costs and allows developers to retain rights to their intellectual property. The company also plans on distributing the games via a multiplatform publishing effort with a ‘developer-first approach.’

Xbox One and PC’s Bleeding Edge is Out Now – Gamespot

Bleeding Edge, a game developed by Microsoft’s Xbox studio, Ninja Theory, was a new addition to Xbox Games Pass in March. The team shooting approach of the game is inspired by the multiplayer online battle arena subgenre. Initial impressions of the game are that its “fun, but with a steep learning curve.” Each team has one damage, one tank, one support, and one team member who can change roles based on the team’s needs. According to Ninja, Hellblade 2 is currently in development, with some ambitious plans that seek to push limits on game design.

Ultimate Alliance 3’s Fantastic Four – Kotaku

The first two installments of content for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 created new multiplayer game modes and challenges. With the new story chapter, the players now get to enjoy a playable epilogue added into the games’ story. This addition is boosting the demand for Fantastic Four on comic bookshelves, which in turn creates for a more meaningful in-game debut of the much-beloved characters.