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“There’s almost an industry here now” – The rapid growth of the Italian games business – GamesIndustry.biz

The number of gaming industry employees has doubled since 2021, mostly due to a significant tax break for game developers. Several companies aim to work with the government to improve the appeal of the Italian gaming market. Thalita Malagò of IIDEA expresses a need for students to be versed in game design and business development for the industry to thrive.

Roblox takes aim at a billion daily users – GamesIndustry.biz

Roblox is in it for the long haul, as it views the current quarter net loss as an “expense required to support the growth of the business.” With unique players and user engagement still on the rise, Roblox foresees a turnaround by early 2024.

Blizzard drops new Overwatch 2 lore and a good cyber-dog in Sojourn hero cinematic – Polygon.com

Blizzard releases a new animated short, “Calling,” which features lore for one of their newest heroes, Sojourn, as Overwatch 2: Invasion is set to release on August 10th. Players can look forward to Invasion bringing a new PvE story as well as a new support hero and game mode.

A Typology of Metagamers: Identifying Player Types Based on Beyond the Game Activities – Journals.SagePub.com

A new article from Sage Journals studies juvenile gamers and finds three subsets of players: versatile metagamers, strategizers, and casual metagamers. Beyond understanding gamers through game play, the study aimed to understand players’ approaches to gaming and found interesting relationships between players’ subset categories and the community that best fits each type of player.