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Sekiro wins Game of the Year 2019 – GameSpot
Sikero: Shadows Die Twice was a standout game this year. Few games manage to provide players with such a thrilling and tense experience without falling into familiar tropes. Beyond this, Sikero holds a few valuable life lessons, such as patience and a calm mind in stressful situations. The game also contains a rather strong storyline to it, being told through direct exposition and more subtle world-building scenes.

Google buys Typhoon Studios – Polygon
Google has acquired developer Typhoon Studios in its effort to grow its internal development program. Stadia Games and Entertainment was created by Google earlier this year to support the Stadia platform, and they intend to work to stay on the front-line of technology in the video game industry. Typhoon will continue working on their previously announced titles, but will also be working for Stadia Games and Entertainment on Stadia exclusives moving forward.

WoW: Battle for Azeroth’s final content patch is coming in January- Polygon
Visions of N’Zoth, WoW’s last content patch, is set to launch on Jan 14th. The patch will include a new assault mission, new Horrific Visions, and two new allied races. The last raid for this expansion will also be opening with this patch, complete with new content added to the dungeon and raid finder over the following weeks. As for PvP, Battle for Azeroth’s fourth season will be starting following Visions of N’zoth.

Latest CoD: Modern Warfare update ads CoD4 maps and more – GameSpot
Modern Warfare’s latest update is a pretty big package bringing a good deal of balancing changes, bug fixes, and content to the game. Three new multiplayer maps are now also available alongside access to a new Operator named Nikto. Additionally, players can participate in a new Special Operations mission.