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Boss Key Productions Announces Battle Royale Game Radical Heights
Boss Key, who recently announced they were stopping development on LawBreakers, announced and released their latest game, an entry into the competitive Battle Royale market. Named Radical Heights, the game is similar to many other Battle Royale games, with players beginning on the edge of a map and being forced closer together until only one remains. The twist with Radical Heights is, instead of the typical ever shrinking sphere, the map is divided into squares on a grid, with the squares closing off during play. Added to that is a in game economy that allows your money to carry over between rounds, so long as you can find an ATM and send your money to offshore accounts before being killed. Radical Heights is currently on Steam Early Access.

Popular Game Monitor Steam Spy to Shut Down
Steam Spy, a website which used Steam API to track game ownership and usage statistics, has announced it will no longer update. Steam Spy was owned and operated by Sergey Galyonkin, who pulls double duty as the Director of Publishing Strategy at Epic Games. Galyonkin announced that due to Valve’s latest update, which will allow Steam players to opt-in to sharing gameplay data, rather than the opt-out model it currently has, Steam Spy has become obsolete. This is because most users of the service will likely not go through the trouble of enabling this feature, or will not out of ever more present privacy concerns. Without gamers sharing their data, Steam Spy has nothing to run off. Galyonkin has said that he will keep the archives up, but will no longer be updating or maintaining the site. This is seen as a sad loss by many games analysts, both professional and armchair alike, who used Steam Spy’s extensive database to understand longevity and popularity of Steam titles.

PUBG Newest Event: War

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has released their newest event mode, a 10 v. 10 v. 10 deathmatch mode named War. War mode differs from traditional PUBG in that the sphere does not shrink around players, instead staying a fixed size the entire duration of the game. Players can choose their teammates, or have the matchmaking service fill the ranks of their team, then each team fights for points, with dead players respawning and dropping back into the map.

Dogfights Come To COD: WWII

The War Machine, the second DLC pack for COD: WWII, released this week on PS4. The DLC pack adds maps, another Zombie mission, and most interestingly, dogfighting. Until now, planes have not been a part of the Call of Duty experience, as opposed to other World War II games such as Medal of Honor and Battlefield. The War Machine adds a War Mode, Operation Husky, wherein Allied forces must retrieve intel before hopping into planes, with Axis forces joining them in the skies for aerial combat. Xbox One and PC gamers will have to wait until at least next month for this DLC to land for them.