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Sony acquires Insomniac Games – Polygon
Sony is buying Insomniac Games; this purchase marks the end of Insomniac’s development of PlayStation exclusives, which results in a broader audience for their games. Insomniac is also the first new game development studio in years, showing their continued dedication to staying in the gaming industry.

Why Overwatch League teams sign players that are too young to play– Polygon
Many teams in the Overwatch League chose to sign players that are too young to play in season matches this season, and will likely continue to do so. Signing players before they can play shows dedication to the long run and promotes talk of a team’s flexibility as new players become available. Signing a player also means other teams cannot sign them, reducing possible competition.

New content coming to Battlefront 2- GameSpot
Dice has revealed a roadmap for the next few content updates in Battlefield 2, including tweaks, rebalances and altogether new content. Most notable among these announcements is the inclusion of clone commandos, a popular unit among the Clone Wars era. Another highly noteworthy feature is the announcement of a new four-player co-op game mode placing players in a PvE style adventure.

Steam coming to China – GameSpot
Valve has partnered with Perfect World to bring the Steam Marketplace to China. The new marketplace will allow Valve and the developers who use it to reach broader audiences while still complying with China’s laws. Steam Platform will also have servers dedicated solely for its use, ensuring a stable connection for Chinese users.