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Red Dead Online out of Beta
Rockstar launched a substantial update for Red Dead Online, new content in this patch includes poker tables, ponchos, a new revolver, some new missions and changes to the player aggression system, officially taking the game out of Beta. Most taverns across the map now have poker tables where players can play Texas Hold ’em against each other; changes to player interactions include relief from griefing, with harsher punishments for aggressive players. Overall, players are pleased with current changes and content and are looking forward to more in the future.

Rage 2: Explosive and Uninspired
Rage 2 launched earlier this week, an effective soft reboot on the series, sharing little in terms of story with its predecessor. What the game lacks in story characters and world building, it makes up for in combat; gunplay is endlessly entertaining and incredibly satisfying. The game seems to take from many other FPS titles such as Duke Nukem humor with Bulletstorm feelings, or the frantic violence that is Doom.

World of Warcraft: Rise of Azshara
The second content update for Battle for Azeroth focuses on the next chapter in the story of Naga Queen Azshara, complete with two new maps accompanied by three unique factions. New endgame content includes an eight-boss raid, a new Operation, and a Heroic Warfront. Many new gear and customization options are included as well, such as a new Heart of Azeroth menu to allow players to equip “Essences,” buffs and ability unlocks, and stat-boosting items such as punch-card trinkets that function similar to gem sockets.

Borderlands 3, Developer Announcements
Borderlands 3 has announced a myriad of changes from previous installments in the series as well as some new features. Major changes include the addition of skills to each character and expanded travel abilities. Some of the minor changes included the addition of interactive environments (kicking barrels, setting fires, etc.), customizable living quarters among a few others.