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Nintendo Labo Announced

On Wednesday, Nintendo held its second direct in two weeks, announcing a new set of add-ons for the Switch called Nintendo Labo. These add-ons come in the form of small construction sets, made mostly from cardboard, that can be used in conjunction with the Switch’s joycons and the console itself to play various games (e.g. a cardboard fishing rod that hooks up to the console to play a fishing game). This new line is mainly aimed at children and is certainly the first of its kind. Early reactions to this new line of Nintendo products have been mixed.

Blizzard Announces Overwatch Map Release Date

The Blizzard World map for Overwatch announced at Blizzcon 2017 has been given an official release data of January 23rd. The update will also come with several new skins depicting Overwatch characters dressed as other characters from various Blizzard titles. Notably, these skins will be added to the game’s regular lootbox system, rather than for a timed event, meaning that after they are released, players will be able to earn them whenever. As an additional note in Blizzard news, Overwatch League had its first broadcast last week drawing an average of 280,000 concurrent viewers during the stream.

Rumors of a New Fable Game

Eurogamer reported on Wednesday that they learned through an anonymous source that there was a new title in the Fable franchise currently being developed at Playground. While this new title would almost certainly be a long way off, even the slightest speculation has excited long-time fans of the franchise. When asked for comment, Microsoft simply stated that they do not comment on rumors or speculation. So, as of now, the truth of this new rumor is up in the air.

Fortnite Battle Royale Map Updated

The team at Epic Games has released another update to Fortnite’s popular battle Royale map, significantly increasing its size and adding several new themed areas. The mode has increased Fortnite’s userbase substantially after launch, and the continued updates have showcased the team’s dedication to this aspect of the game’s future. Note, the battle royale mode was released well after the game’s initial early access launch and is fairly different from the game’s standard horde defense game mode.