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Are your game monetization techniques going to remain legal? – GamesIndustry.biz

New laws are being set in place by the EU and UK aimed at regulating aspects of the gaming industry, which will bring hefty fines and potential lawsuits for noncompliance. Many of the most recent laws will work toward protecting the players, such as protection from confusing subscription policies and the use of ‘dark patterns’.

With a Switch 2 looming, Nintendo is sending out the original with a bang – TheVerge.com

Nintendo is preparing a 2024 release of their newest console in the wake of the Switch having a stellar year in sales. Tears of the Kingdom was released in May 2023, while Mario’s newest adventure, Wonder, will be released this month.

Phil Spencer says Call of Duty exclusivity deals are done – GamesIndustry.biz

Phil Spencer of Xbox reassures players that Call of Duty will still be available across platforms for the near future. Microsoft recently signed a ten-year contract with Play Station and Nintendo to ensure the availability of COD on their platforms.

Pete Hines is leaving Bethesda after 24 years – VentureBeat.com

Pete Hines will be retiring from Bethesda after the recent launch of Starfield. Hines leaves behind a 24-year legacy with the company, stating, “Working with the amazing people, teams, and studios at Bethesda has been the greatest experience of my life.”