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Overwatch Details New Hero

Earlier this week, Overwatch announced the 27th hero to enter their roster in the form of the support/tank hybrid, Brigitte. Her kit focuses on melee attacks, healing allies, and a mix of stunning/knocking back enemies. For lore, Brigitte is Torbjorn’s daughter, and apprenticed with Reinhardt during the struggles shown in the “Honor and Glory” short. Brigitte is available to play now on the Public Test Realm.

Detroit Become Human Launches May 25th

Quantic Dream have announced the release date for their highly anticipated Detroit Become Human. The title follows the stories of three androids in a futuristic society who begin to feel emotions and become conflicted at the orders they are given. Players will have the opportunity to switch between these three characters, making choices that will impact their life outcomes. Detroit Become Human launches May 25th exclusively on PS4.

Battlefield V Rumored to Be WWII

The rumors that the Battlefield series will be returning to World War II gained some strength this week, as leaks indicate the series will be returning to its roots. EA has made no official comment yet, and speculation comes from leaked working titles for the game as well as screenshots from developer builds. Unfortunately, this does put a temporary nail in the coffin for the rumored Bad Company 3, a fan favorite spin-off from the Battlefield series.

Harry Potter Mobile Game Gets Gameplay Trailer

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has received its first official gameplay trailer. The game will be coming to mobile devices later this spring and sees players making custom characters to attend Hogwarts, taking part in many of the activities showcased through the books and films. While the trailer showed gameplay, it’s still unclear what the game’s core loop will be. However, activities such as potion-making, spell-casting, and duels were confirmed, but most of these would be expected in any Harry Potter title.

Notable Releases:

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine [Steam] – Dim Bulb Games and Good Shepherd Entertainment bring a game about sharing stories around campfires and wandering the country. So far reviews have been positive.

Into the Breach [Steam] – The developers of the indie hit Faster Than Light are back with a turn-based tactics game. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.