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Overwatch 2 Halloween Event – Skins, Twitch Drops, And More In Halloween Terror 2022 – Gamespot.com

Overwatch’s annual Halloween event returns with Halloween Terror 2022. The event runs until November 8th and features the return of Junkenstein’s Revenge PVE mode, starring Sombra as the Bride of Junkenstein in a newly expanded map with more bosses, jump scares, and secrets for achievement-driven players to find.


CD Projekt Red reveals it’s working on a Witcher 1 remake – TheVerge.com 

CD Projekt Red is planning a remake of their original title, The Witcher, in Unreal Engine 5. The Witcher is the first game released by the company in 2007. It is currently being redeveloped by third-party studio Fool’s Theory with assistance from Witcher veterans and supervision from CD Projekt Red.


‘I want to keep being the first’: Hideo Kojima on seven years as an independent game developer – TheGuardian.com

The Guardian spent time with legendary game designer Hideo Kojima to discuss his time in the industry. In Kojima’s 36-year career, he has seen massive hits with the Metal Gear franchise and more recent independent success with Death Stranding.


First-person shooters don’t need to be violent to be fun – Polygon.com

Polygon discusses how a new batch of non-violent first-person shooters are rewriting the formula and finding success. Runaway hits like PowerWash Simulator and Slime Rancher show that shooters can appeal to broad audiences and provide a fun, engaging, and even relaxing experience.