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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – GameSpot

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla comes out in less than a month. Confirmed information we know to date: the modern timeline story will continue with Layla Hassan after The Fate of Atlantis DLC’s events from Odyssey. Valhalla launches in November for current generations of the console and next-gen alongside PC. Story-wise, players take on the role of Eivor, a Viking leader who moves into England with his clan. The story follows Eivor on their mission to ensure their new settlement’s safety in a hostile land complete with raids, war, and political intrigue. Gameplay-wise, Valhalla takes a lot from Origins and Odyssey yet taking steps in a new direction, almost experimental.


Hearthstone’s Darkmoon Faire event – GameSpot

Blizzard’s card game, Hearthstone, is receiving a new expansion soon. Titled Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, this expansion brings back the Old Gods, a new progression system, and introduces a new game mode, Duels. The Old Gods’ return sees the re-introduction of their game-changing effects, and along with them, several new cards, some with more significant effects than others. Taking inspiration from the Dungeon mode, the new Duels mode deals powerful hands to the players and pits them against one another to win 12 games before losing 3. As for the progression system, Blizzard created a battle-pass system, called the Tavern Pass, which has all of the players’ unlocks and their progress in one place.


World of Warcraft Shadowlands breaking down the new player barrier – Polygon

The next expansion to World of Warcraft focuses on fixing and rebuilding old features such as leveling rework and revamped character customization features that now allow for substantially more options. For Shadowlands, player max level has been reduced from previous expansions, and as such, players need to get to level 50 to start new content. Previously the max level had been 120 spread across 7 expansions. Now players have all 7 expansion to get to level 50. A new system named Chromie Time allows expansions to be played through at will regardless of character level to balance this.  The improved leveling system reduced the time needed to get a character up to new content level, particularly helpful to new players.


Fortnitemares 2020 – Polygon

This year’s Fortnite Halloween event is titled Fortnitemares 2020: Midas’ Revenge and brings haunts back to Fortnite island. This event’s story follows Shadow Midas taking control of The Authority and awakening Henchmen to turn players into Shadows. Shadows are players, who have been eliminated in a round,  working to take out players still alive. Many challenge modes and cosmetics come out with this event, which runs from October 21st still November 3rd.