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Bungie Confirms that Destiny’s PvP Mode is Here to Stay

After a speculative piece from Forbes, and key departures from the development team at Bungie, there was player concern that the studio might leave the Crucible behind in the next entry. In a livestream on Wednesday, the developers eased the minds of competitive Destiny players by saying that the development of Bungie continues.


Valve Index Details Leak on Steam Store

Over the weekend, Valve unveiled the first official teaser for its first-party virtual reality headset. At the time, the teaser promised more information in May 2019, but it looks like a leaked Steam page beat them to the punch a little bit.  The page is still very much a placeholder, but it confirmed a few key details; the headset is expected to start shipping on the 15th of June, and it will come with two controllers (one for each hand) and base stations.


Esports Organizations Are Betting on the Untested Apex Legends

Apex Legends has had a wildly successful launch. While it’s unquestionably a successful battle royale and a free-to-play smash for Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, that doesn’t necessarily translate into longer-term staying power. Can Apex Legends sustain a successful esports ecosystem? That’s a big question with an uncertain answer, but organizations are already assembling teams to take to the game, even though it’s not clear what Apex Legends might look like in six months or a year.


Epic Games CEO Clarifies Position about Store Exclusivity

A few weeks back, Epic Games’ Steve Allison spoke to PCWorld about the exclusive deals it was striking with publishers to get games on its platform. Allison stated, “We will definitely not be doing exclusives at this scale for a long period of time.” A few days after that statement, Epic signed a deal with the developers behind Observation that was essentially a repeat of the situation with Metro Exodus.