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Rainbow Six Siege, a Western
Rainbow Six Siege is a modern, team-based FPS with an arsenal of weapons and gadgets at the player’s disposal; Siege’s new event, however, brings to the game a Western Showdown. In this 3v3 event, running from July 2nd to July 16th, players choose from a selection of six attackers or defenders and battle on a brand-new map made for the event. Players can work to unlock various new cosmetic items for the operators featured in this event.

Saviors of Uldum card reveals – Gamespot
Hearthstone’s latest expansion, Saviors of Uldum, launches August 6th and will continue the Rise of Shadows storyline. The new expansion features 135 new cards alongside the return of quests and new card backs. Blizzard is continually releasing information about new cards so players can plan for deck changes before release; a full list of currently revealed cards has been compiled.

EA access coming to PS4
EA announces that EA Access is coming to PS4 on July 24th, giving PlayStation players access to the giant EA library Xbox players have had access to for years. EA Access includes certain EA titles for free and a 10% discount for digital purchases of all EA titles with a monthly subscription fee. Any current Xbox subscribers will need to pay separately for EA access on their PlayStation account.

Epic Games announces they will cover refunds for Shenmue III
After announcements of Shenmue III being an Epic Store exclusive, PC backers reacted with some backlash over their disappointment at not being able to play through Steam. Distributor Epic Games – in accord with Studio Ys Net and publisher Deep Silver – responded by stating that Epic Games will be covering any refund requests of PC fans. Kickstarter backers can fill out a survey in which they can indicate if they are a PC backer who would like a refund, have their copy transferred to console, or if they would prefer to wait a year after the game’s release to receive a Steam Store code.