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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5 – GameSpot

Infinity Ward is releasing teasers about Modern Warfare and Warzone, and although light on details, the information may include a possible release date. In a video that developers have sent to one individual streamer, they indicated August 5th as the date that the current Battle Pass ends. The video also shows a train and a helicopter flying overhead at the end, possibly hinting at a train coming to a new map or at a Warzone map. Further data mining suggests that the Stadium will also finally be opening up.


Valorant’s latest patch might make Viper worthwhile – Polygon

Valorant’s latest patch has dropped, and Riot is still trying to make Viper a viable character. This latest patch brings notable buffs to Viper and nerfs to both Brimstone and Raze. Viper’s ultimate power creates a massive cloud that blinds and damages players. This cloud will now exist indefinitely so long as Viper remains inside; she also has a longer grace window to return to the cloud should she leave. Both Raze and Brimstone have had the cost of their ultimate increased, and the classic pistol has had its accuracy increased, but the capability to jump shot removed.


Star Wars: The Old Republic available on Steam – Polygon

Bioware’s long-running MMO has made its way to Steam. Players can now use Steam to download and play this Star-Wars Themed MMO for free, so long as they don’t mind a slightly limited version of the game. Free-to-play players can access the original game and most of the DLC, but are not able to get to the current level 75 cap and the most recent expansion. The Old Republic was originally a stand-alone title, but was later moved onto EA’s Origin platform and now has been moved onto Steam as well.


Fortnite patch 13.30 – GameSpot

Fortnite’s latest patch has launched, introducing changes to the Battle Royale. Many fans are working together to create comprehensive notes on the mid-season changes, including diagrams with map changes. Many of the changes are bug-related, but some introduce or re-introduce features and mechanics to the game. Teasers have also included limited-time modes.