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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has new maps – Polygon

We are few months into season one for Cold War, and Treyarch brings out a mid-season content update. Multiplayer receives a couple of new maps, including a remake from Black Ops 2, and Zombies gets its second map for this title. Express, the BO2 remake, receives its own 24/7 playlist so players can be sure to get some action in. As for Zombies, Firebase Z is now live, giving players the option of two separate maps to play. Treyarch also announced that League Play is coming soon to Cold War.


Gearbox Software acquired by Embracer Group – GameSpot

The Swedish company, Embracer Group, recently purchased American developer Gearbox Software in a sale valued at around $1.3 Million. Despite this sale, 2K Games still retains publishing rights to future installments in the Borderlands franchise. Embracer now owns seven internal studios, each with its own IPs. Gearbox believes this venture shall prove beneficial to their continued growth and development.


Overwatch Lunar New Year 2020 – GameSpot

Overwatch is once again celebrating Chinese New Year, this year being the year of the Ox. Launching February 4th, players can expect new themed cosmetics for the game’s heroes. This year Ashe and Echo received new legendary skins teased before the launch. Ashe dons a Chinese inspired outfit, and Bob dressed as a tiger, with Echo changing to a more avian appearance.


Valorant patch messes with accuracy – Polygon

Valorant gets another change likely to upset players. This week launched a new patch to the popular team shooter reducing the rifles’ accuracy if fired while moving. This is an ongoing debate with Riot: balancing movement and shooting mechanics.