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Roblox Developers Get Rich

For those who are unfamiliar, Roblox is a free-to-play mix of Minecraft and Lego, and has become incredibly popular. With their active user count jumping to 56 million recently, some of the game’s top developers are going to be getting a 2 million dollar payout!

Pokémon GO Festival is a Disaster

Last weekend Niantic hosted the first in-person Pokémon GO Festival in Chicago and things did not go well. The network strain from the large crowd showing up made the game unplayable for most attendees. Niantic ended up refunding everyone’s tickets, but some fans are understandably still angry as many flew from around the world to participate. On the bright side, all players were still credited a free Lugia (the game’s first legendary Pokémon) and in-game currency.

Overwatch Updates:

Revamping Report System
Toxicity in online games is a real problem and can lead to rapid drop in active players (unless you’re League of Legends). Overwatch has been seeing a rise in toxic behavior, especially amongst competitive players, and Blizzard is trying to take steps to alleviate that. Beginning with the patch yesterday, the reporting system will be getting overhauled, making it so that players can no longer report others for being unskilled, and offering tracking of report resolution. This means new players can  learn without fear of being banned for not playing well, and users will be able to see the action taken based on their reports.

Doomfist Released

After months of speculation, and a lack of Terry Crewes, Overwatch’s latest character, Doomfist, has finally been released! Players have a week to check out Doomfist before he goes live in competitive, so time to get that practice in!

Overwatch League Salaries Revealed

We now know exactly how much being a professional Overwatch player will pay. Teams will be required to pay their players a minimum $50,000 a year, provide healthcare/retirement plans, and distribute 50% of the teams winnings directly to the players.

Notable Game Releases:

Fortnite (PS4/PC/Xbox) – An action-survival-crafting hybrid where players build forts and defend against waves of zombies. Released in early access this week for $40, but will go free-to-play for its full release sometime in 2018.
Pyre (PS4/PC) – Action RPG from the developers of Bastion. Reviews so far are very positive, and if it’s anything like Bastion, it’s going to be worth checking out.