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Mobile Revenue Fuels Konami – GameIndustry.biz

Konami released its full-year financial report; its digital entertainment division once again leads the company’s revenue. Their digital entertainment division made up $1.9Bil of $2.5Bil in total revenue, led by sales via the mobile market.


How to Watch E3 2021 – Polygon

This year, E3 will broadcast on the official website and app, which will offer virtual booths, hosted events, video conferences, avatar creation: all with free registration. Public members can begin logging in on June 12th, the first day of the event, and look at different tabs and booths for exhibitions and talks. E3 aims to elevate user interaction to a new level this year, especially within the online platform.


Epic V. Apple Update – GameIndustry.biz

The Epic V. Apple suit is now in full swing. The battle started over Epic’s hotfix of the game’s mobile version, introducing the ability to make payments to Epic directly circumventing Apple’s ability to collect 30% commission from sales on their app stores. As a result, Apple removed the game from its marketplace.

Apple’s position is that they have improved the market for consumers and sellers alike, while Epic argues that its practices hamper competition while monopolizing users.
Tim Sweeney, Epic’s CEO, described the future version of the game as a sort of metaverse, or a ‘phenomenon which transcends gaming,’ with a revenue model centered around many creators contributing towards the creation of a dynamic collective universe. These futuristic statements have won the company an additional $1Bil investment from Sony.

Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and Spotify will all be contributing during various stages of the trial, potentially rendering this into a historic industry event, the outcome of which would shape the future of gaming for years to come.