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First Assassin’s Creed Gameplay Coming Next Week – Gamespot

Ubisoft announced the game in action debut for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla scheduled for next week. The Norse setting of the game places it historically anywhere between 100 and 400 years before the original Assassin’s Creed. Its plotline continues Odyssey’s Fate of Atlantis DLC, a cliffhanger. Players will be able to choose between two versions of Eivor – a Viking raider, in contrast to Odyssey, where the main characters were a brother and sister.

Microsoft’s Dedication to PC Gaming – The Verge

While Microsoft has been providing the operating system used by the majority of PC gamers, its presence in PC gaming space has been virtually nonexistent. The company is working to turn all this around with this week’s launch of Gears Tactics and Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service, considered to be one of the best things about Xbox One, and getting better on PC by the month. Developers are impressed by the difference the Game Pass has on player statistics: on average, players with a pass play 40% more games overall. There is also evidence that players with a pass venture out further from their preferred game genre.

Apex Legends will debut Loba and Season Quests – gamesradar

Apex Legends season 5 has been pushed back one week, with a new launch date rescheduled for May 12th. A new season is bringing with it a new Battle pass with 100 new items made available, including Legendary skins, Apex Packs, and new Loba skins. It is also commencing Season Quests, something entirely new to the arena. The only information available is through a blurb from official Apex Legends site: “Hunt for treasure and answers in the new Season Quest. Those who complete the journey will be richly rewarded.” Recent images included in the tweet from Apex Legends includes pictures of what looks like BRD-01 Automated Infantry Spectre, a robotic enemy from Titanfall.

Party royale – Fortnite’s promise as a true social spaceThe Verge

For a while, it seemed like the game has lost some of the steam it gained last September. Fortnite is shifting back the dynamic with the introduction of recent events, like Travis Scott music tour, both ‘psychedelic and surreal,’ attracting the attention of more than 27Mil players. This event was followed shortly by a new space in the game called party royale. Taking place on a smaller island, it excludes two activities: shooting and building. It seems like the game developer is sharpening the in-game distinction of social vs. competitive events. These recent changes show that Epic understands the social evolution of the game and is working to create a matching in-game experience.