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Disney invests $1.5bn in Epic Games and announces major Fortnite partnership – GamesIndustry.biz

Disney takes a leap into the world of Fortnite with a $1.5 billion investment in Epic Games. The collaboration could bring the likes of Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel to the Fortnite universe sometime soon.


U.S. video game spending stagnated in 2023, totaling $57.2B – VentureBeat.com

U.S. spending across the video game industry rakes in $57.2 billion in 2023, down from pandemic highs but holding strong compared to revenue in 2022. Mat Piscatella of Circana attributes “great content” as the driving force behind 2023’s success, as 84% of the revenue stemmed from game sales, downloadable content, subscriptions, and microtransactions.


Persona 3 Reload Is The Fastest Selling Atlus Title Of All Time – GameInformer.com

Persona 3 players thirsty for nostalgia clamor for Persona 3 Reloaded at a record pace, setting new records for ATLUS as their fastest-selling video game. As evident by selling 1 million copies in just a week, players are responding positively to the retro characters and fresh, new visuals and mechanics.


FromSoftware owner Kadokawa buys Octopath Traveler developer Acquire – GameDeveloper.com

Kadokawa recently added Acquire to its list of subsidiaries and looks to “strengthen its ability to create new franchises.” Potential collaborations between FromSoftware, Spike Chunsoft, and Acquire are possible now as all three are now owned by the Kadokawa Group.