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Overwatch’s new scientist hero can control black holes – The Verge
Overwatch’s 31st hero is a Dutch astrophysicist known as Sigma. Blizzard revealed this new hero in an animated short, where we learn he gained his powers through a traumatic event which seems to have broken his psyche. Sigma’s powers and insanity make him a prime target for Talon reequipment, s9olidifying his official position as a villain. As he claims to have defeated gravity, most of his abilities revolve around the manipulation of gravitational fields.

Origin PC ‘s-console system – The Verge
In commemoration of a decade in gaming, Origin PC has released a massive new gaming PC. This show of engineering prowess contains everything a modern gamer dreams of having, from high-end PC components to fully functional versions of the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and Switch. To accommodate all this technology, Origin’s engineers have developed a custom cooling technology complete with colored tubes to match each system’s aesthetic. Sadly, with all these wonderful widgets, the Origin “Big O” is only a proof of concept and will not be distributed for consumer purchase.

GTA Online’s overdue troll fix – Polygon
Since 2015 players of GTA Online have faced problems with trolls performing an exploit known as passive popping. With this exploit, a player could shadow other players around the game world, unable to be attacked or make attacks themselves until they decide the moment is right. When that moment arrives, the player exits passive mode and kill others around him before turning passive mode back on. Players have been asking for years to see a fix for this problem as a single skilled troll could hold an entire server hostage. Developers have just recently released a fix for this by imposing a cooldown time on passive mode, which will stop players from abusing passive mode’s invincibility.

Developer Defiant is ceasing development but not closing down games – PCGamesN
Developer Defiant has announced that it will no longer be developing new games, but will instead continue to service existing games. The Developers at Defiant will be leaving the studio in a company-wide decision to cease the development of games in favor of providing continued service for existing titles. According to a statement, the company made this decision after reflecting on the current status of the game market and realizing that their goals in development were not as stable as they once were.