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Nintendo’s New Museum – GameIndustry.biz

Nintendo announces plans to open a museum dedicated to its history In Uji, Japan. The project is projected to reach completion during the company’s 2023 fiscal year, ending in March 2024. Tentatively named the “Nintendo Gallery,” the project will use Nintendo’s old Uji Ogura Plant, including renovating the facility to accommodate the new function. The gallery will display the history of Nintendo’s development of products and ideas.


Valorant Goes Mobile – Polygon

As a surprise for the game’s 1st Anniversary, Valorant Developer Riot announces a new mobile version of the game. According to Executive Producer, Anna Donlon, Riot’s goal with this port is not to simply put the PC game into a mobile platform but to make a unique experience for mobile players. They understand the mobile experience is different from the PC, and as such, the aim is to accommodate the mobile player with the new release.


Palia, the Animal Crossing Style MMO Polygon

Palia is an upcoming game with a rather interesting pitch. Singularity 6 is a team of veterans from game titans such as Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, and Zynga. Singularity 6 aims to offer a cozy experience with friends centered around farming, decorating, and developing interpersonal relationships with other players. There will be some space for combat without being a central feature of the game. While Palia is playable solo, the experience is meant to be shared with friends as most activities, from farming to cooking, can be completed as a group.