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5 Highlights of the New FIX PUBG Initiative

PUBG is getting a major overhaul to help reinvigorate the game.  Bugs, performance problems, and quality-of-life issues have been limiting PUBG’s true potential.  The initiative targeted five major categories for improvement:  Fewer dropped frames, a higher tick rate for less lag, new anti-cheat measures to curb hacks, tweaks to matchmaking, and many bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements.  These improvements are expected to roll-out over the next three months as goals are met.


Nintendo Direct: Super Smash Bros for Switch Details Revealed and Everything Else You Need To Know

Nintendo has revealed new details about Super Smash Bros for Switch.  The game will be available Dec 7th and will feature a new controller – a Gamecube themed accessory.  The new release will contain a host of new characters, stages, modes and music.  Many of the characters will be available from the Castlevania series, including the character Simon Belmont.  A total of 103 stages will be available in the new release.  Pre-orders are being taken now.


The Fallout 76 beta Contains the Full Game and no NDA

Since the beta won’t be under a non-disclosure agreement, participants (anyone who pre-orders Fallout 76 to gain access) can share screens and videos of bugs and glitches during the “Break it Early Test Application.”  Another incentive to play is that the Fallout 76 Beta will be the full game and all of a player’s progress carries over to the final version with a planned release date of November 14th.


Full Quakecon 2018 Schedule: Doom Eternal, Fallout 76, And More

QuakeCon 2018 takes place August 9-12. Developer and publisher Bethesda Softworks provided a sneak peek including several panels and tournaments; most of which will be live streamed via Twitch, and there will also be new looks at upcoming games.  The Elder Scrolls: Legends Masters Series tournament will culminate in a series of matches for a $50,000 prize.  The Quake Champions tournament comprises of teams of two who will shoot it out for a share of the $175,000 prize pool.