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CoD: Modern Warfare Season 4 starting this week – GameSpot

The next season of content for Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone has launched. A trailer from a little while ago announced the start of the season on June 3rd, bringing with it a fan-favorite character. While there was no launch on the third, Activision announced their intentions to delay the start of the new season and left the new start date unannounced. Fortunately, they decided not to wait for very long. Season 4 for Modern Warfare and Warzone launched June 10th at 11 PM PT or June 11th at 2 AM ET.


No Man’s Sky getting Crossplay – Polygon

No Man’s Sky is all about exploration. Developer, Hello Games, has released numerous updates since launch to make the experience more and more enjoyable, including adding a multiplayer element more recently. But the latest expansion to the game will not only bring bug fixes and quality of life improvements but will also allow players to play Cross-Platform. Players on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 will now be able to create and join lobbies with each other to explore the universe together. Additionally, No Man’s Sky is coming to Microsoft’s Game Pass for Xbox and Windows PC players.


Overwatch’s Competitive mode losing Hero Pools – Polygon

Blizzard is removing Hero pools from Overwatch’s competitive play modes. Players will again be able to freely choose what hero they want to play during competitive matches. A post on their Official Forums stated that the Overwatch team has been listening to player feedback and using it to tweak the game’s systems. They have decided that increasing the hero balancing updates and introducing the Experimental Card is a better way to prevent competitive meta from becoming stagnant.


PS5 design revealed – GameSpot

Sony’s PS5 reveal event showcased the technical aspects of the upcoming console, but wouldn’t be complete without showing the physical device. The new console features a Sleek design in a similar style to the new DualSense controller. It can either be used upright or laid on its side. The controller is similar to the previous generation but houses more advanced mechanisms for better gameplay experience. One of the most notable physical distinctions is that the PS5 will come in two versions, one with and one without a built-in disk drive.