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Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition – GameSpot

Borderlands 3 is getting new content with season 2. Additionally, players can get all the content from the main game, and both seasons pass with the upcoming Ultimate Edition. Players who purchase the Ultimate Edition also gain access to exclusive cosmetic items. There are two DLCs included with the season 2 pass, Designer’s Cut and Director’s Cut.


World of Warcraft turns 16 – Polygon

World of Warcraft is celebrating its 16th birthday this month. Alongside the usual gifts of experience and reputation boosters, historians’ daily quests include trivia questions and boss quests. Each day players can answer a WoW history trivia question for Timewarped badges and a bunch of XP on each alt character, and take on old World Bosses for classic loot and even more XP. Additionally, the original version of Alterac Valley returns with some tweaks; players can also get an exclusive faction dependent mount.


Baldur’s Gate 3 Early Access Review – GameSpot

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a messy and buggy game at the moment. Considering that the game is still in early access, and developer Larian Studios is using this time to get major feedback from players, this is par for the course.  The bugs have some effect on the feel and immersion of the game. It’s difficult to feel engrossed in a tense or emotional situation when actors cycle through incomplete animations or the camera is wonky, or text/voice acting doesn’t function properly. Developers are collecting a list of these issues to fix at the next release.


Apex Legends, Horizon – Polygon

Apex Legends’ newest Legend is no surprise for the community, though we now have both gameplay and arrival date for Horizon. Players first met the Scottish Astrophysicist in mid-October as a quest giver in the firing range. All of her abilities involve gravitational manipulation, from jump pads to miniature black holes. Horizon arrives Nov 4 with the launch of Season 7.