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Borderlands 3 Cross-play not available at launch
Borderlands 3 will not support cross-play between platforms at launch, but developer Gearbox is “committed” to bring it about at a later date. Gearbox clarified this after a promotional teaser which made some players believe cross-play would be coming at launch. An interview about Borderlands 3 revealed that Gearbox has been working on making cross-play a reality through development, but that they will not be able to offer players the chance at launch.

Deathgarden: Bloodharvest new game modes
Deathgarden: Bloodharvest’s core gameplay is practically a 1V5 arena shooter, relying on player’s continued interest and involvement to stay up. Players did lose interest in the initial launch, but developer Behaviour Interactive gave the game a few redesigns which have sparked new life into the title. The game maker modified gameplay features that have not been working well and developed new maps, new characters, and a new 2V10 game mode.

Madden 20 top position rankings
Madden NFL 20 releases August 2nd, and EA has recently provided fans with a preview of player ratings. Currently, we know there are only four players with 99 overall ratings, three with 98, and one with a 97 overall. A list has also been compiled to show up to the top ten highest-rated players in each position.

Overwatch’s Summer Games return
Overwatch’s annual Summer Games event returned this week, running from July 16th to August 5th. The event has brought all new cosmetics for players to unlock as well as a return and discount of all prior event cosmetics and the Lucioball game mode. A tiered challenge system is added to the event this year; with a new challenge unlocked every week for the three weeks of the event’s runtime.