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Blizzard claims right to any custom game modes in Warcraft III – GameSpot
Warcraft III: Reforged is out now, and Blizzard wants to lay claims to any custom games players make. A decision likely born from the popular mod “Defense Of the Ancients” and the popularization of the MOBA genre. With these new claims, Blizzard can retain rights and benefit from any spin-off titles or genre boomers that may originate in Warcraft III: Reforged. Modders are not entirely left to dry, as Blizzard has implemented a feature to allow creators to accept donations allowing them to profit from their work directly.

BB-8 delayed for Battlefront 2 – GameSpot
Dice announced on the Battlefront forum that the BB-8 update is being delayed last-minute for bug fixes. Although there is no exact date yet, the delay will only be until early next week, as Dice believes the issue should not take long to resolve. In their post, Dice confirms BB-8 will have a “thumbs up” emote similar to the Force Awakens movie. This update will also add two new capital ships to the capitol supremacy game mode, bring a new hero to hero showdown, and host a few tweaks and fixes.

The Outer Worlds coming to Switch – The Verge
Obsidian has announced that The Outer Worlds will be launching on Switch March 6th. This port was confirmed even before the initial release, but an actual date is now confirmed. The Outer Worlds was created by some of the original Fallout creators and features a great open-ended style to its missions and story. The game will be available for digital or physical purchase.

Modern warfare map rotation update and crossbow nerf – Polygon
This week’s rotation update for Modern Warfare brings back Shipment 24/7 and introduces significant balancing changes to weapons. Shipment 24/7 is replacing Shoot the Ship playlist and comes with a new Gunfight mode that lets players bring custom classes. A few weapons are getting minor balancing tweaks to adjust viability, but the new crossbow had been majorly changed, now doing about half as much damage to vehicles.