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Cyberpunk 2077 needs hotfix to correct bugs from previous patches – Polygon

A hotfix for Cyberpunk 2077 rolled out this Thursday to correct a game-breaking bug introduced by last Friday’s patch 1.1. The fix addressed a bug that prevented NPC Takemura from calling the player just to stare at them and say nothing. The hotfix returned loot randomization to pre 1.1 status but has not addressed the reload loot glitch.


Sea of Thieves’ new battle pass system – Polygon

Sea of Thieves’ new battle pass schedule goes live on January 28th. Players can now earn Renown, “a new progression metric that isn’t wholly dependent on handing in loot.” The new Plunder Pass, the premium pass, is purchasable for the equivalent of $10 USD premium currency. This premium currency can also be obtained for free through Renown progression and from defeating a rare new skeleton type.


White House monitoring GameStop stock – GameSpot

The White House is monitoring the recently volatile stock price of GameStop. The source of these wild price fluctuations is traced back to a subreddit in which a user made bets with hedge fund members and investors against GameStop. This incident has drawn attention to the cinema chain AMC for their similarly dropping support in recent weeks.


Hitman 3 – GameSpot

Hitman 3, at first glance, seems to be no different from the other entries in the series. Gameplay mechanics and playstyles remain mostly the same; however, the level design has reached a whole new level. Since the series’ reboot in 2016, IO Interactive has shown a true mastery of open-ended level design.