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No Man’s Sky next update brings large multiplayer and survival aspects – PC Gamer
No Man’s Sky Beyond, the next big update for No Man’s Sky, has teased many new features for players. One of them is a new social hub that is allowing for up to 32-multiplayer. Players will also be able to ride and farm some alien species using them for transportation and resources. The final big update coming is a sizable expansion to base building, adding power systems and automated factories.

Diablo 3 announces more season themes and legendary powers – GameSpot
Blizzard developers announce that the themed seasons in Diablo 3 have been an excellent success for the game and will be continuing in the future. Alongside these seasons, devs are working on new class sets, legendary powers, and balances for every class; the release of which will be spread out over time. Blizzard has announced their plans to continue the current PTR format and to give more credit to the community feedback in an attempt to be more interactive with the player base.

Overwatch role queue and new hero live – GameSpot
Overwatch’s latest update has brought the new hero Sigma to the public servers and initiated the roll queue system, which changes how players pick out characters before the match. Sigma has been tested by the players and is now available in the public realm. Similarly, the role queue system has been talked about for some time and is now actively implemented. Besides these two major updates, this new patch brings a large amount of rebalances to many heroes.

Players of Apex Legends upset over new cosmetic prices – Polygon
Apex Legends’ latest, limited-time event, Iron Crown, brings a bunch of exclusive cosmetics made available only during the event. Now each player has to open a 24-pack to obtain each item, and the exclusive event set bonus item. Two packs are available for purchase through gameplay, which leaves 22 available using the games’ real-money currency, which comes out to about $154 (USD).