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Sea of Thieves’ next update brings more faction focus – Polygon

Sea of Thieves’ current faction serves as the game’s backbone, as it provides access to quests, rewards, and cosmetics. The upcoming Ships of Fortune seeks to reinforce these mechanics. Players will be able to become “Emissaries” for the main factions after a considerable donation, granting access to potentially massive rewards and new ship cosmetics. A new faction, called The Reaper’s Bones, will hunt down Emissaries leading to more PvE combat.

COD: Modern Warfare Season 3 – GameSpot

Season 3 is now live for CoD: Modern Warfare, bringing new content to the game and its battle royale spin-off. Warzone is getting the more significant changes at the start of this season, with Quads-mode replacing trios and the Loadout Drop getting a price increase. The game will now display distances between squamates, making coordination and navigation more straightforward. Various weapon rebalances arrived as well, such as akimbo guns having two spare mags instead of one and shotgun’s having their spread and ADS speed adjusted.

WoW: Shadowlands is reviving tons of old abilities – Polygon

One of the fans’ biggest complaints about Battle for Azeroth is that classes felt too stripped down and simplified, leading to widespread frustration. Blizzard released a long post today outlining their plans to beef up each class and its specialization. Each class is getting old abilities brought back or having more abilities spread across all specializations, which will help with utility and survivability in both group and solo content. Most of these changes are small, but some classes are getting sizable tweaks, and these changes will return some of the fans’ favorite aspects of the game.

Overwatch: Echo goes live next week – GameSpot

Echo is launched for Overwatch next week, marking the last hero release until the launch of Overwatch 2. Echo is a damage Hero build around versatility, being able to swap between all playstyle archetypes on the fly. Echo is one of Blizzard’s older characters, created for a canceled Project of Blizzard’s that eventually became Overwatch. Blizzard has promised that more Tank and Support heroes are coming as well, but no more will launch until after Overwatch 2.