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Overwatch Anniversary event 2020 – Polygon

Overwatch’s Anniversary event is now live on all platforms and will run through June 9th. Like previous years, all seasonal cosmetics and game modes are unlocked and playable for everyone during the event. A few new cosmetics are also available, including legendary skins for Reaper, Ashe (and BOB), Mercy, and Zenyatta. Players can even win three free epic skins by winning nine games each week of the event.

Apex Legends’ PvE event – Polygon

Apex Legends’ latest seasonal update brings a PvE story questline. Titled “The Broken Ghost,” this questline lets players team up to complete a PvE mission. This mission is pretty straightforward and involves players retrieving buried artifacts. Players start by selecting a legend they want to play then traversing the map to reach their objective, picking up loot and gear along the way. Once accomplished, players will need to defend it from swarms of AI animals, perform a defense drill, and retrieve the artifact.

Amazon’s new free-to-play Shooter – The Verge

Amazon game studios released its first big-budget title this week, titled Crucible. Crucible borrows heavily from many popular gaming trends in hopes that the game will pick up popularity among streamers. At a glance, Crucible seems somewhat bland, yet the gameplay is fun enough to keep players interested and engaged. Much of this gameplay requires teamwork and strategy from players as they battle against other players and the game’s environment for supremacy. The general feel of the game is a third-person MOBA with similarities to games like Dota 2, LoL, Overwatch, and titles similar to those.

Diablo 3 patch 2.6.9 coming to PTR – GameSpot

Starting Thursday, March 21st, Diablo 3’s next big update will start its PTR testing period. The update is bringing new gear, especially for the Demon Hunter and the Necromancer. This update should help ease the wait for the much anticipated Diablo 4. While the Necromancer and Demon hunter gear sets are the most awaited parts of the patch, other classes are also receiving new sets and items across the board.