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Hearthstone Battlegrounds brings auto-battles to the card game – GameSpot
Hearthstone has been steadily receiving updates for a long time now, but at this point, much of the new content caters towards the existing player base. The latest update, Hearthstone Battlegrounds, introduces an auto battler mode to the game. Just as Hearthstone acts as a simple introduction to card collection games, Battlegrounds manages to serve as a similar simple introduction to the auto battler genre. In a significant departure from other Hearthstone modes, Battlegrounds pits eight players against each other at a time, making matches more chaotic and moving play focus away from pre-planned strategy.

Rockstar apologizes for Red Dead Redemption 2’s problematic launch – The Verge
Rockstar has issued a general apology to players over the performance issues that riddled Red Dead Redemption 2’s PC launch. They explained that the unpredictable combinations of Nvidia graphic drivers, Nvidia GPUs, and CPUs created the bulk of the issues. RDR2’s development team will be rolling out patches to solve these issues in the short term; however, permanent fixes will take longer as they have to work with Nvidia to ensure compatibility moving forward.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Stability and nerf patch – GameSpot
Infinity Ward has released a new patch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Update, which addresses many stability and performance issues, as well as minor changes to the problematic 725 Shotgun. This patch is now live on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. As a result, players should no longer experience the same level of performance problems. In addition to these improvements, a few weapons’ stats have been tweaked for balancing purposes, including the 725 Shotgun’s range and M4’s headshot damage.

Overwatch: Mercy’s Recall Challenge – Polygon
Overwatch has started another challenge event, named “Mercy’s Recall Challenge,” which runs from Nov. 12 to Dec. 2. Much like previous challenges, players can win matches to win free rewards, including a player icon, sprays, and a new legendary skin for Mercy. Players can receive additional free sprays for watching participating Overwatch streams on Twitch for a set amount of hours.