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Terminator coming to Fortnite – GameStop

Epic Games teases the next crossover characters for Fortnite with a tag line of “a ruthless machine and a protector of the future.” The terminator reference was confirmed when Epic revealed that the T-800 and Sara Conor are the next crossover skin. Epic has recently been very busy teaming up with various companies to use their characters in the popular battle royale game.


Cyperpunk multiplayer leak – GameSpot

Data miners found references to the game’s upcoming multiplayer. Among these are references to a heist mode and some quality-of-life changes. Using this new information, CDProjekt Red’s roadmap can be expanded upon.


World of Warcraft’s Zombie Mommy – Polygon

for World of Warcraft players, the name Calia Menethil has grown familiar. Every major bit of Horde lore has her in it, and some players are growing distrustful. Calia’s backstory hides in books, so figuring her out takes some work, but dedicated fans have worked out a lot. She appears periodically to preach peace but often acts in ways that benefit the Alliance. Her antics spread into very recent events, so her chances of leaving anytime soon are slim.


Resident Village – Polygon

Capcom’s first premier of Resident Evil Village gameplay gave a glimpse at the direct sequel to Biohazard. The sequel retains the first-person POV, and the protagonist is a returning Ethan Winters. So far, the game brings a lot of feelings back from RE4, from the inventory management style to the mutated villagers. However, in a departure from the series, Village seems to lack zombie enemies, showing the likes of werewolves and vampires instead.