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PS5 announcements – GameSpot
Sony has officially announced their next generation of the console: PlayStation 5; to be released around Holiday 2020. Numerous innovations have already been announced for the PlayStation 5. Of note is a new system for vibration and triggers that can change resistance on the fly. The PlayStation 5 will also come equipped with a new UI, the latest hardware, improved storage in the system, and an updated ray-tracing acceleration.

Square Enix’s Avengers – The Verge
Square Enix has been making an Avengers game for a long time now, but with a prior demo that got scrapped, many fans have been skeptical of the title. This was mainly the sentiment until the developer’s panel at NYCC, where Square Enix shared information about an Iron Man PSVR exclusive. The new demo makes combat with the newly announced heroes distinctive and fun. It also gave a small peek at general gameplay, which involves cosmetics items and character skills. Many of the mechanics are similar to Bungie’s Destiny, yet Avengers does not feel like a copycat game.

Visions of N’Zoth will wrap up Battle for Azeroth’s story – Polygon
World of Warcraft’s next patch, titled Visions of N’Zoth, will bring an end to the Battle for Azeroth expansion. The climactic conclusion to the latest expansion sees players facing off against the Old God N’zoth. Two new allied races are brought into the game; Horde players get the Vulpera, a foxlike race, while Alliance players get Mechagnomes. ‘Visions’ also brings a new raid to finish off the expansion’s story; this will be a 12-boss raid with N’Zoth being the final boss.

Blizzard band Hearthstone streamer for political speech – The Verge
Blizzard has banned a Hearthstone player, ‘Blitzchung’, from participating in tournaments for a year over a controversial political statement shared during a live stream. Blitzchung believes firmly in his actions and understands they will have consequences. Blizzard, however, decided he violated too crucial of a rule to be allowed a pass.