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Xbox Series X and PS5 prices still unconfirmed – GameSpot

The next generation of Xbox will release in less than three months, with the upcoming PlayStation coming not long after. There is no confirmation as to the date these consoles release or how much each will cost. As much anticipation as this builds, it’s not unheard of for the industry; Nintendo did something very similar with Switch in 2017.  Switch launched March 3rd,  which the company announced on January 12th of that year. Regardless of this tactic, Switch sold faster than stocks could replenish, an event very likely to repeat with the next generation of both the Xbox and PlayStation consoles.


Epic Games Sues Apple over Fortnite dispute – GameSpot

Fortnite developer Epic Games announced a permanent price cut on V-bucks, the games’ real-money currency. Players on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch won’t see any changes besides the new reduced prices. Mobile users, however,  will not have the option to pay through their existing mobile account or direct payment, cutting out Apple and Google as the middleman, both of which take a hefty 30% royalty on all sales for hosting on their platforms. Apple removed Fortnite from the Apple Play Store in response, and Epic retaliated by filing a lawsuit against Apple. Epic made it clear they do not wish for compensation, but to attack the monopoly Apple has on the mobile market. Google has followed Apple’s example in removing Fortnite from their store despite Epic’s support from fans. The situation is developing in an ongoing struggle between Apple and Epic Games.


Infinity Ward working to fix Warzone Nightmare bug in Call of Duty – Polygon

Infinity Ward tweeted Thursday that it was working on an “express fix” to an interesting bug in Call of Duty: Warzone. The bug causes weapon textures to freak out and clip off the gun model in a spiky polygonal mess, sometimes going as far as enveloping the player in a rapidly flashing mess of a texture cube. This issue can make firefights very difficult as the player holding the bugged gun may be able to see through the textures and avoid taking hits, or the mess takes over the entire screen preventing players from seeing anything around them. This bug was likely present in earlier versions of the game, but the latest patches made them occur with unsettling frequency, prompting an urgent solution.


Rockstar is rolling back a disastrous patch for Red Dead Online – Polygon

A recent patch in RDO has caused the entire map world to destabilize and become unplayable for many console players, so terribly, that Rockstar has decided to roll the game back to an earlier version before the patch. Some of the problems included the inability to use weapons, all NPCs to despawn, and an invincible bald man to follow the player around. Funny as some of the effects are, these problems prevent players from partaking in almost every aspect of the game, which is why Rockstar is favoring a version rollback solution. This rollback should re-stabilize the game to it’s earlier version and allow Rockstar to determine the source of these problems before re-introducing the intended patches to the game.