Who we are

Passionate about games. Passionate about data.

NBI (National Business Innovations LLC) was formed in 2011 as a sister company to NSI Inc., in order to bring multi-faceted solutions to commercial sector clients, based in deep expertise across the behavioral sciences. Focused primarily on the video game and related industries, NBI has supported some of the industry’s top games, including Minecraft, Halo 5, and several other global AAA titles, among others. Our teams have worked side by side with executives and analysts across numerous functions, including business intelligence, customer service, cinematics, network planning services, quality assurance, community, game development, marketing, and others, to help drive data driven decision making and business success.

We pride ourselves on our unique ability to apply the latest thinking in the behavioral sciences to some of the industry’s most critical challenges, in order to help drive engagement, revenue, and retention. Backed by the power and resources of NSI Inc., NBI brings decades of combined experience to our clients, working either on site or in a support or reach-back role. Building off of a deep foundation in social psychology, statistics, decision science, cultural anthropology, and other related disciplines, all of our approaches share a common philosophy: above all, we are data driven, and performance focused.