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Telltale Games getting revived – Polygon
Telltale Games, shut down in 2018, created a lack of heavily story-driven games on the market. A year later LCG Entertainment purchased many of the rights from Telltale. Reviving Telltale is a result of a joint effort between multiple studios and individuals who believe strongly in the continuation of story-driven adventure games. Many backlogged titles, such as The Wolf Among Us and Batman, were transferred with development plans in place. There has been no announcement for either Borderlands Game of Thrones or Minecraft.

Blizzard adds more servers to WoW Classic to improve stability – GameSpot
Just before the official launch of WoW Classic Blizzard announced a few changes to improve stability for players and reduce queue times. Blizzard decided to raise the character limit from three to ten characters per account. They have also set up four more servers for players to reduce server congestion. Players are urged to move to these new servers if they see their sever marked with a high population.

Fortnite Borderlands event – Engadget
Fortnite’s latest update added a Borderlands inspired area as part of the Rift Zone event. The gas station in Fortnite’s desert Biome has been redesigned to fit Borderland’s Pandora, complete with a color pallet swap and comic book style lines. Players can purchase a Psycho skin and ClapTrap backpack with this event as well as a few gameplay changes present in the new area on the map. Included in this update is a new bubble shield, which appears to be a response to BRUTE Mechs.

Control, a strange take on the shooter genre – PC Gamer
Control is a third-person shooter game, the latest production from Remedy Entertainment. Remedy has managed to make a fiction game revolving around conspiracy theories and seemingly nonsensical events. Besides the weird story and worldbuilding points, Control does not lack for satisfying combat and gameplay mechanics; boasting Remedy’s best combat system to date. Overall Control is a fun and strange game that has taken the market by storm.