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Battlefield 5 Returns to WWII

In a move sure to excite longtime fans of the series, Battlefield 5 will return to the franchise’s roots, with DICE’s latest entry returning to WWII to relive the glory days of the franchise. Details announced so far include that there will be no loot boxes or premium pass; all additional maps and game mores will be made available to all players. There will be subclasses, vehicles, and other perks to unlock, but they will all require play rather than pay. The single-player campaign will follow in Battlefield 1’s footsteps, with multiple stories highlighting how the war affected different countries. Battlefield 5 will release October 19th.

Ubisoft Personal Gaming Assistant App Released in US

Ubisoft has released its personal gaming assistant, Sam, in beta in the US. Similar to Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa, Sam (named after Sam Fisher, the protagonist of Splinter Cell) recognizes voice commands and answers questions, specifically about Ubisoft games. The idea behind Sam is that you can ask him for help with video games, or to tell you how your current progress is. The app is not yet fully featured and is still in beta, but offers an interesting look into how these kinds of digital assistants could change how games are played.

Resident Evil 7 Steaming to Switch

In an interesting move, the latest Resident Evil game, Resident Evil 7, will be getting a switch release through streaming only. The game will require players to have a fast and constant internet connection to play the game while it streams from Capcom servers. The rationale is the same as PlayStation Now or GeForce Now–stronger computers allowing for better processing of the intensive game than the base system.

Runescape Shuts Down

Runescape Classic, many gamers’ first MMORPG, is finally shutting down. First released in 2001, the top-down MMO was loved by many and had a dedicated player base. Developer Jagex still had around 1,000 players as of 2016. The game has not been supported over safety concerns in many years, and the developer has finally decided to take the servers offline to ensure positive player experience overall. The servers will be taken offline August 6.