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PS5 price and release date – GameSpot

With the PlayStation 5 reveal event and information streams, Sony kept a price point and release date for their new system a secret. However, in the latest PS5 showcase, Sony revealed both of these.  Both editions are available on November 12th for the North American, Japanese, Australian, and New Zealand markets. The rest of the world must wait until November 19th. This announcement aired alongside trailers and game announcements in the stream, including new Final Fantasy, God of War, and Spider-Man games. Pre-orders for both console editions opened a short time after the stream ended.


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War campaign trailer and Alpha dates – GameSpot

During the September PlayStation 5 showcase, Raven Software shared an extended look at the campaign for the upcoming Call of Duty. The developer also announced that PS4 players could participate in the alpha for free that same weekend. The released stream confirms the return of series veterans Woods and Mason, which shows the familiar CoD styled gunplay and gadgets. Treyarch is leading the development of the Cold War, while Raven Software is handlining the campaign. Additionally, PS4 owners can download and play the multiplayer alpha for free from September 18-20th, with an official beta arriving in October.


Some PS5 games will be more expensive than usual – Polygon

With the new generation of tech, Sony brings their next generation of PlayStation and their next generation of pricing.  Some of these games are coming only to PlayStation; some of them are remakes of older games. Publishers say that the increased price-point for next-gen console games is fair as it represents the capability of current tech and how their product utilizes it.


AMD’s RX 6000 line – Polygon

AMD has shown off the new RX6000 graphics card series ahead of October 28th. In a new level in Fortnite, players can walk around and look at a scaled-up version of the card. In a tweet on Monday, AMD showed a teaser image and said players could enter Fortnite’s creative mode and load a new island to inspect the card. Anyone who wants to check the card model out can load Fortnite in Creative mode and enter AMD’s code (8651-9841-1639) in the level select.