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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare release schedule – GameSpot
Activision posted an outline to their new Call of Duty’s release times. This post, however, only concerns PC releases, and Activision stated console players should refer to their systems dashboard for accurate times. Pre-loading options are now available for all systems letting the players access the game as soon as the time hits. A road map of post-release content has also already been posted. One noteworthy point among this is Modern Warfare’s inclusion of battle pass seasons in place of a loot box system.

Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest event shows off new content and loot – Polygon
Borderlands 3’s Halloween-themed event, named Bloody Harvest, starts later this week. This event adds new enemies, a boss, cosmetics, and loot. Because this is a Halloween event, enemies are designed with lots of skeletal bits and fire. Possibly the most exciting new piece of loot available is a new legendary weapon which seems to be a grenade launcher which freezes enemies in place. Bloody Harvest will run from Oct. 24th to Dec. 5th.

The Outer Worlds review – GameSpot
The Outer Worlds, by Obsidian Entertainment, plays just like a Fallout game, although it does so in the best way possible. This feeling is due in no small part to some of the original Fallout creators, who led the project towards a creative and entertaining recreation of the 1990’s era RPGs. Writing is one of The Outer World’s strongest points, as the world feels fleshed out and interesting with its numerous locals and countless NPC’s, each one having enough character to feel unique and interesting. Combat is not lacking either, giving players a wide spread of options for builds with the ability to take a companion with them as they explore.

Rainbow Six Siege’s gruesome Halloween event – GameSpot
Rainbow Six Siege’s Halloween event this year is called Doktor’s Curse, and it runs from Oct. 23rd to Nov. 6th. Doktor’s Curse plays as a 5v5 monster hunter game on a special version of the Theme Park map, where defenders play as monsters who must evade the attacking hunters for the duration of the round. New cosmetics include charms and skins for, among others, Smoke, Legion, Frost, Kapkan, and Ela; and re-introduces skins form last year’s event for those who missed them. Players get one free event pack for logging in during the event, and two more for completing challenges from Ubisoft Club, the rest must be bought with real money currency.