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Fortnight Cross-play on PS4 ushers in a new era of the console wars

Console players everywhere are celebrating the news that Sony will soon allow players to link up with people on Xbox, Switch, and mobile platforms.
This functionality has big implications for how people purchase and think about consoles and could erode the unique distinctions each has built up over the years.
Traditionally, console wars were all about the differences. The ubiquitous mobile platforms have help to make the those distinctions less relevant. However, Fortnite has completely changed the conversation now. The worldwide success of the game has made the idea of segregating players into walled off sectors seems crazy. Fortnight does not belong to anyone or anything. Everyone is playing it. Cross-play on this scale was never possible before. When your gaming ecosystem is boarderless, anyone can play anyone. Welcome to the new era of console wars.


Fallout 76 won’t be Featuring Cross-play

Fallout 76, scheduled to launch on Sony PlayStation on November 14th, won’t be supporting cross-play.  Game developer Bethesda’s Pete Hines (Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications) tweeted he isn’t sure “if it ever will” have cross-play on Sony.


The Walking Dead’s Final Season has Been Purged from Digital Storefronts
While Telltale Games has fulfilled its promise to release episode two of The Walking Dead: The Final Season, anyone who didn’t already pre-order will no longer be able to purchase it. On nearly every digital storefront, the final season of Telltale’s series has been delisted at the request of the company. Having reduced staff from 250 to 25, Telltale posted an update on Twitter announcing it is currently investigating offers from “multiple potential partners” to finish episodes three and four of The Walking Dead’s final season.


GLAAD Awards will Spotlight Video Games for the First Time

GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, will for the first time include video games as a category for its upcoming GLAAD Media Awards. The Outstanding Video Game Award will recognize work that features “outstanding LGBTQ-inclusive content,” the organization said in a statement.