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Rockstar Announces LA Noir Remaster
LA Noire was Rockstar’s hard-boiled detective game set in 1940s Los Angeles that released just over six years ago now. Today they announced a VR version coming to Vive, 4K remasters for Xbox One and Playstation 4, and a version for Nintendo Switch. This marks the first Rockstar game to release on a Nintendo console. LA Noire was scheduled to have a sequel, but sadly the game’s studio, Team Bondi went under shortly after its release.

Sea of Thieves Tech Shared With PUBG
Sea of Thieves has some of the best looking water rendering in gaming, and at the moment Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Microsoft’s newest title acquisition does not. Throughout its early access the focus has been more on the gun play and balancing, but now that they have partnered with Microsoft, it’s no surprise to see the sharing of tech across titles.

Destiny 2 Faces Microtransaction Issues
While early reviews of Bungie’s Destiny 2 are positive, fans of the series are taking issues with some of the microtransactions put in place for the newest installment. The largest offender seems to be shaders, cosmetic color items that are used to die armor. In Destiny once a player acquired a shader they could use it infinitely on any items they wanted. In Destiny 2 shaders have become a one-time-use item, and can only be obtained through random drops or the game’s new lootbox system. The community is outraged about this change, and many are calling for a full boycott of Destiny 2’s transactions until the issue is fixed.

Rainbow Six Releases Patch 3.0
Rainbow Six Siege may have started small, but its playerbase and content have both grown significantly since its launch two years ago. Tuesday, update 3.0 was launched, ending Ubisoft’s two month Operation Health campaign which was dedicated to fixing technical in-game issues, releasing 3 new playable operators, and a new map. In addition, Ubisoft teased that they aim to eventually have 100 operators in game. This is a lofty goal given that the game currently has 30, but shows the level of commitment the developers have to this game.

Notable Releases:
Destiny 2 – PS4/Xbox One
Knack 2 – PS4