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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 – Polygon

The next season for Modern Warfare and Warzone has arrived. The initial season patch brings some changes to the Battle Royale map and a host of additions to weapons. This update brings the most in a single update the game has ever seen, including two new additional functional sections to the Warzone map. Full patch notes are online, which detail every addition and balance change.


Overwatch Summer Games 2020 – Polygon

Overwatch’s annual summer games have started and will run from August 4th to August 26th. Lucioball is back and brings a few changes to make matches more exciting. A new mode of Lucioball, Lucioball Remix, presents a faster paced and chaotic experience. Each week players can win matches and get rewards, including sprays and player icons. As always, the event brings with it summer-themed skins for heroes.


Marvel’s Avengers Beta – GameSpot

We know that the upcoming Avengers game is going to have a strong single-player campaign with new RPG elements. The game is going to include a gear grind kind of experience, not unlike destiny. Getting skilled with a small number of heroes will most likely elevate the experience, especially when playing with others. The Story works around the Avenger’s failing horribly during an attack that results in the death of many civilians and a new disease spreading rapidly. As a result, the Avengers disband;  the player needs to re-assemble them later on in the game to face a new rising threat.


The next year’s Call of Duty – PCGamer

We know very little about the next Call of Duty besides that it is in development. Activision has confirmed few rumors traveling around the internet: one of them is Treyarch’s and Raven’s involvement in development. Activision is unlikely to stop development and support for Modern Warfare and Warzone, as these two are continually profitable. Activision is also going to be utilizing Warzone heavily to interact with the community.