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Valorant, nerfs and new game mode – Polygon

In Valorant’s new game mode, Escalation, players’ weapons and abilities decrease throughout the course of the game with the ultimate goal of attaining the highest kill score using the least powerful weapons. On the balancing side, Reyna’s abilities have some changes that aim to make her less of a consistent powerhouse like she has been. The Stinger also got some tweaks in the form of a price and recoil increase, making it less effective at range and a more expensive choice.


CoD Warzone’s Season 2 adds more modes and mysteries – GameSpot

With the launch of Season 2 for Warzone, changes arrive, including new areas to explore. In Extraction, a new battle royale mode, the teams must find and hold a radio for an amount of time to be extracted. The Rebirth Island Resurgence game mode is also coming out soon, promising consistent and frantic action.


Sea of Thieves just got a massive update – GameSpot

Sea of Thieves is doing well, with January 2021 being the game’s biggest month in terms of player activity. This and the recent release of the game’s battle pass system and a new calendar for rolling content updates leads one to believe that 2021 will be the game’s best year yet. To support this prediction, new staff have joined the games support and development, making Rare the largest it has ever been. The most recent update for Sea of Thieves drops on Feb 18th, bringing quality-of-life changes, including accessibility and connection streamlining.


Blizzard leak reveals news ahead of Blizzcon – Polygon

While Blizzard Entertainment prepares for their virtual Blizzcon replacement, their press site briefs players on The Burning Crusade expansion. According to the leak, Shadowlands 9.1 brings a new zone, dungeon, and a 10-boss raid. Players can also unlock the ability to fly in the Shadowlands. On the Classic side, the leak revealed the Burning Crusade expansion to the game, meaning players will be able to relive the charge through the dark portal, including Dranei and Blood Elf races. Blizzard added servers that will not advance to any expansions for players who want a strictly Vanilla experience.