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Apex Legends launches Duos mode – The Verge

Starting November 5th, Apex Legends is getting a limited-time duos game mode. Fans have been asking for this mode for months, and if previous event type game modes are any indication, developer Respawn will stick to 60 person games making 30 teams of two per game. Respawn has also been experimenting with a casual game mode for solo players who do not run with pre-made groups; this duos mode event could be part of their test process.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s massively successful launch – Polygon

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare broke $600 million in sales during its first three days after launch, making it the best-selling Call of Duty game this generation. Activision has stated that Modern Warfare is also the top-selling PC release in the franchise and the top for the franchise’s digital sales. Many factors could be contributing to this place as top-seller, with changes like a focus on a single-player campaign and free map DLCs likely being of note among them.

Fortnite adds a Battle Royale Raid Boss – Polygon

Fortnite has been a host to many events that mix up the standard battle royale formula, and for this year’s Halloween event, Epic Games have added a massive raid boss-type enemy to the game. The boss, named “Storm King,” is very similar to his appearance in the non-battle royale mode of Fortnite, requiring players to work cooperatively to take him on. This PvE event is very different from most things in Fortnite to date, but with Squads and Duos modes, players are familiar enough with cooperative mechanics that Storm King doesn’t feel like a strange addition.

EA has not canceled Titanfall 3, but prefers to focus on Apex Legends for now – GameSpot

EA has recently confirmed that while no Titanfall game is currently in development, the series is not forgotten and will one day see another entry. The COO and CFO said the teams are focusing on Apex Legends to maximize its potential for the time being, but Titanfall is a great series they wish to keep on hand, although they cannot say when the next installment will be announced. Citing developer Respawn’s roadmap for Apex Legends, the two noted EA’s plan to make the game a decade-long business.