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Sea of Thieves, Haunted Shores Update – Polygon

Rare’s sandbox pirate game, Sea of Thieves, has a new update. Titled Haunted Shores, this update brings in new NPC ship battles with a fleet of spectral ghost ships. Players can partake in this battle by finding a special skull marker in the sky, denoting their location, or by buying a voyage. Alongside the new ship battles, new shanties, cosmetics, the game now also allows players to communicate without voice more effectively.


Rainbow Six Siege: Steel Wave – GameSpot

Rainbow Six Siege’s next season is now live. Year 5 Season 2, Operation Steel Wave hit public servers this week. Steel Wave brings the standard of two new operators and a map rework. The new operators, attacker Ace, and defender Melusi broaden the playable roster and give players another hard-breaching attacker and trap-focused defender. This season’s map rework goes to House, which has been a hot map moving in and out of the rotation for some time. Alongside these additions, Amaru is now buffed, and some defenders have access to a new gadget called the proximity mine, which will sound an alarm when attackers are within the radius.


Hearthstone’s new solo adventure – Polygon

Blizzard has been running a “Felfire Festival” in Hearthstone this summer. Starting today, all players can complete a new solo adventure storyline for free. Players take on the role of Aranna Starseeker, a Demon Hunter, who fights the Rusted Legion, a play on World of Warcraft’s Burning Legion. Players, who finish the new adventure storyline successfully, receive a new card as a reward.


Valorant will get Ranked mode soon – GameStop

Although at launch the game only had standard mode and spike rush mode, Riot announced that the ranked game mode would launch sometime next week. They removed the game mode from launch so they could better refine the system and allow anyone who did not play during the beta to learn the game and develop skills before a ranked game mode is available, leveling the playing field.